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South Africans Share Funny Things They Believed While Growing Up

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, Humor

Lightning hitting the ground. Some children in Africa are led to believe that lightning will struck them if they are wearing red. Creative Commons photo by Wikipedia user Jessie Eastland.

A humorous hashtag, #ThingsIBelievedInAsAChild [2], has been trending in South Africa, under which people are publishingย a number of funny and superstitious beliefs they had when growing up.

Here's a selection of some of the tweets appearing under the hashtag.

“Divinity” had to be very careful when eating an orange, because:

“Big Boss”ย believed whistling had to be done during the day:

Levi thought height was tied to jumping:

How does the TV work?:

If you see a hearse passing by:

You had to wear your “Sunday best” on, well, a Sunday:

“#Avantgardehipster” believed:

One user shared the following photo to accompany his tweet:

Say what?:

Where do babies come from?:

How can the refrigerator light turn on by itself?:

How do you spot rich folks?:

If you don't want to be toothless all your life…:

“DJASH” thought:

Jik, Colgate, Lux and Sunlight are popular products in Sub Saharan Africa.

Check the weather report before you wear red: