What Worried Latin Americans in 2016?

What worried Latin Americans in 2016?

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Pictoline illustrated what, according to Google, were the top searches in some countries of Latin America on the web browser:

Mexico: “How to download Pokemon Go”
Costa Rica: “What happens if volcano Turrialba erupts?”
Panama: “How to make wooden beds?”
Colombia: “What is the Fellowship of the Ring?”
Peru: “How to make dog clothes?”
Chile: “How to make a concept map?”
Argentina: “How to lose the tummy?”
Uruguay: “How to decrease my internet use?”
Brazil: “What is love?”

On Facebook users commented on the results.

From Acapulco, Mexico, Diana Soto shared her despair regarding Mexico's result:

Diana Soto: Me dio risa el “¿Cómo hacer un mapa conceptual?” Pero luego vi a México con Pokemon Go y se me fue la risa.

Diana Soto: “How to make a concept map?” made me laugh. But then I saw Mexico with Pokemon Go and I lost the smile.

Gris Simonds-Gómez also felt Mexico's worries were trivial and posted ironically:

Gris Simonds-Gómez: A la mierda el narco, la inseguridad, la corrupcion, la obesidad y la miseria, yo quiero saber como bajar el pokemon go!

Gris Simonds-Gómez: Fuck the narco, insecurity, corruption, overweight and misery, I want to know how to download pokemon go!

While Adolfo Meza sarcastically commented on Peruvians’ searches:

Adolfo Meza: ammm al menos tendremos los perros mas fashion de américa…

Adolfo Meza: well, at least we'll have the most fashionable dogs in America…

Meanwhile Felipe Maluenda, from Antofagasta, Chile jokingly admitted his contribution to his country's top search results:

Felipe Eduardo Maluenda Bravo Yo soy el culpable de “¿Como hacer un mapa conceptual?”, todo el maldito año busqué eso para hacer mis tareas y aún no sé cómo se hace

Felipe Eduardo Mauelanda Bravo: I am the one responsible of “How to make a conceptual map?”, I looked for it all year long so I could do my homework and still haven't figured it out.

From Cordoba, Argentina, Alejandro Pablo Drallny reflected on the interest Argentineans have in their looks:

Alejandro Pablo Drallny: Argentina país careta, preocupados por bajar la panza (y como soy argentino y tengo panza, si alguien sabe como hacerlo, avíseme)

Alejandro Pablo Drallny: Argentina, a superficial country, everyone worried about how to lose the tummy (and since I am Argentinean, if someone knows how to do it, let me know)

Diego Bautista commented on Costa Rica's search preferences:

Diego Bautista: ‘¿Cómo hacer una cama de madera?’
Solo un país buscando algo útil que hacer.

Diego Bautista: “How to make a wooden bed?”
Just one country looking for something useful to do.

René Vaca Cardozo, from Bogotá, Colombia, explained why Colombians were so worried about the Fellowship of the Ring:

René Vaca Cardozo: No vayan a pensar que los colombianos están preocupados por la literatura Tolkiana. La Comunidad del anillo es el nombre que medios le pusieron a un escándalo sexual y de homicidios que ocurrió al interior de la policía.

René Vaca Cardozo: Don't think that Colombians are worried about Tolkien's literature. The Fellowship of the Ring is the name that the media gave to a sexual and homicide scandal in the police force.

Ruben Pintos Guerra, from Montevideo, Uruguay pointed out:

Ruben Pintos Guerra: Tenemos el mejor Internet de la Region y preguntamos como disminuir el consumo… URUGUAY NOMA!

Ruben Pintos Guerra: We have the best Internet of the region and we asked how to reduce our consumption… COME ON URUGUAY!

From Costa Rica, Mar Barquero reflected:

Marc Barquero Suárez: Brasileños más profundos … mientras nosotros moriremos quemados por lava

Marc Barquero Suárez: Brazilians are more profound… meanwhile we'll die burnt with lava

Andrea Marysenka also had a message for Brazilians:

Andrea Marysenka: Para Brasil solo me queda decir: baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.

Andrea Marysenka: To Brazil, all I have to say is: baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.

Others talked about changes in priorities:

Alvaro Alatorre: Si ya no se busca el: “¿Como saber si novia está embarazada?” Se están perdiendo los valores y el verdadero uso de San Google. Que tristeza.

Alvaro Alatorre: If we are no longer looking for: “How to know if my girlfriend is pregnant” we are losing the value and true use of Saint Google. How sad.

Ihasser Lara: Ya nadie busca “Evidencias de duendes reales” o “Videos de fantasmas reales” y menos “Videos de extraterrestres”…. Charles: “El mundo ya no es como antes!!” 

Ilhaser Lara: Nobody is looking for “Evidence of real goblins” or “Videos of real ghosts” and not even “Videos of aliens”… Charles: “The world isn't what it used to be!!”

While Ariel Aguilar summed up wistfully:

Ariel Aguilar: Pero que filosóficos, que profundas dudas asaltan a las mentes latinas de nuestros tiempos.

Ariel Aguilar: How philosophical, how profound the doubts that trouble the Latin American minds of our times are.

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