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Today is #GivingTuesday—Donate to Global Voices

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Today is #GivingTuesday [2], a day dedicated to global generosity of all kinds, and we're hoping that Global Voices is one of the organizations whose work you'll support by making a donation [3].

The changes that have taken place across the world this year have offered a powerful reminder that the work of building bridges of understanding between people and communities, and of safeguarding basic rights, is never done.

At Global Voices we've forged a strong and empathetic community by reporting stories and forging deep connections across cultures, languages and differences of opinion. Our work over the past 11 years is proof that that human connections across cultures and languages can change how people understand the world.

As people seek to understand how to live harmoniously in a difficult global environment, sharing and scaling our experience and expertise becomes an even more urgent part of our mission.

So on this #GivingTuesday [4], please make a donation [3] to help us continue the work of building bridges, to combat the forces of hatred and intolerance that threaten to make our world a less hospitable place.

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