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GV Face: Trump Wins. Now What?

Categories: North America, U.S.A., Elections, GV Face

In a stunning turn of events, Donald Trump has won the US presidential election.  Even though many Global Voices contributors cannot vote in the US, we felt invested in this American presidential race like few elections before.

That's why every Wednesday since October 26 ,we've been getting together to talk about the latest news coming out of the US elections: our hopes, worries and fears.

With the results in, our last episode of this series is on November 9, between our Chile-based US voter and Latin American editor Elizabeth Rivera, Canada-based Social Media Editor Nevin Thompson, US-based and US voter Advocacy Director Ellery Biddle and Mong Palatino, our Philippines-based Southeast Asia Editor.

We talking about the winners and losers in this election, how we feel about one of the most polarizing election seasons in US history and what that the Trump win means for our global community.

You can watch our last two discussions here: