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GV Face: Global Voices on the US Elections

Categories: U.S.A., Citizen Media, Elections, GV Face

Trump, Hillary or Stein? Even though many Global Voices contributors cannot vote in the US, we feel invested in this American presidential race like few elections before.

The questions that come to our mind: Will the US become more interventionist or isolationist? Could a woman president in the US change things for women around the world? Will the US become a harder place for immigrants and minority groups to live?

To get our angst and thoughts out every Wednesday, from October 26 to November 9, four Global Voices contributors will get together and talk about the latest news coming out of the US elections, what people outside the US think, and how our American contributors — who travel around the world and are familiar with political processes in other countries– feel about this election.

The first episode of this three-part series is a fun, fast-paced conversation between our Beirut-based social media editor Zuhour Mahmoud, our Middle East and North Africa editor Joey Ayoub, Amsterdam-based US voter and Iran contributor Tori Egherman, and Sahar Ghazi, San Francisco-based US voter and Global Voices managing editor.