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In the Eyes of Hong Kong's Housing Market, We Are All Just Sardines

Categories: East Asia, Hong Kong (China), Development, Economics & Business, The Bridge

In Hong Kong, we are all sardines. Illustration by Disillusionist (CC BY-ND 4.0)

Hong Kong is notorious for its crowded living conditions [1] and the high cost of residential housing [2]. Generations of housing policies have promised improvements in living standards, but are yet to deliver. The last several decades have seen the city’s apartments becoming smaller and more expensive.

Cage homes [3]rooms diced up or [4]subdivided with boards, and the like, used to be the last resort of the city’s poorest. But nowadays even dice-sized apartments can be packaged for the luxury market [4], as people have become desensitized to the absurdity and have resigned themselves to even more cramped living spaces at unaffordable prices.

Regardless of the type of housing we occupy, in Hong Kong we are all just sardines.