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She Needs Justice: The Week That Was at Global Voices Podcast

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, Poland, Russia, Syria, Uruguay, Human Rights, Media & Journalism, Protest, War & Conflict, Women & Gender, Global Voices Podcast

The Week That Was at Global Voices podcast takes a look at some of the stories that have recently come out of the Global Voices newsroom. This week, we introduce you to women seeking or achieving justice in Poland, Uruguay, Russia and Syria.

Many thanks to Kasia Odrozek [1]Fernanda Canofre [2]Isaac Webb [3], Marcell Shehwaro [4] and Lara AlMalakeh [5] and all our authors, translators and editors who helped make this episode possible.

In this episode, we featured Creative Commons licensed music from the Free Music Archive, including Please Listen Carefully [6] by Jahzaar (CC BY-SA 4.0); Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To [7] by Chris Zabriskie (CC BY 4.0); City Night Line [8] by Cobra (avec logo panthère) (CC BY-NC 4.0); Clover [9] by Little Glass Men (CC BY 4.0); Vintage Frames [10] by Kai Engel (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0); and Am I The Devil (Instrumental) by YEYEY [11] (CC BY-NC 3.0).

The feature photo in this story is of women and men wearing black as a sign of opposition in the #BlackProtest in Berlin. Photo by Kasia Odrozek, CC BY [12].