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The Week That Was at Global Voices Podcast: Freedom, Not Control

Categories: China, India, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Puerto Rico (U.S.), Censorship, Human Rights, Protest, War & Conflict, Global Voices Podcast

This week we take you to Indian-administered Kashmir [1], Nepal [2] and China [3]. We also speak with Global Voices contributor Angel Carrion about Puerto Rican opposition to a US fiscal control [4]board, and we chat with Global Voices author Thant Sin about an outpouring of support for an official in Myanmar [5] who dared to speak out against a radical Buddhist nationalist group.

This episode features stories by Kisholoy Mukherjee, Vishal Manve, Sanjib Choudhary, Oiwan Lam, Angel Carrion and Thant Sin. Many thanks to all our authors, translators and editors who helped make this possible.

In this episode of the Week that Was at Global Voices, we featured Creative Commons licensed music from the Free Music Archive, including Please Listen Carefully [6] by Jahzzar (CC BY-NC 3.0); Rattle Your Cage [7] by Krackatoa (CC BY-NC 3.0); Time's Arrow [8] by Alan Singley (CC BY-NC 3.0); An Introduction to Beetles [9] by the Blue Dot Sessions (CC BY-NC 4.0); Roadtrip [10]by Phil Reavis (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0); and Call In Sick [11]by Cory Gray (CC BY-NC 3.0).

Image used in the SoundCloud thumbnail is by Andres Musta [12]. Uploaded on to Flickr. Taken on January 2, 2012. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)