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A Photo Contest Captures the Stunning Flora and Fauna of Macedonia and Albania's Lake Ohrid

Marina Sadikoska

Photo: Marina Sadikoska/OhridSOS, used with permission.

Entries to a photo contest called “The Voice of the Lake” showing lush scenery, majestic wildlife and discarded man-objects at Lake Ohrid, which straddles Albania and Macedonia, have recently sparked interest among many Macedonians.

The contest was organized by the Citizen Initiative OhridSOS, which is fighting to stop harmful urbanization projects that threaten to destroy the magnificent lake, which is the largest natural lake in Macedonia and the oldest lake on the European continent.

Shots capture mute swans, various freshwater fish and crustaceans and even some house furniture in the lake waters and shores.

The three images below featuring beautiful landscapes and an underwater resident of Lake Ohrid were chosen as the contest winners by those who voted on Facebook.

OhridSOS activists decided to also award their own favorite photo. The winner? The lovely image below featuring a sunset scene with reed and gulls on Lake Ohrid.

Photo: Nebojsha Gelevski/ Ohrid SOS, used with permission.

Photo: Nebojsha Gelevski/Ohrid SOS, used with permission.

  • HerodotusHistories945

    Macedonia is in Greece not ancient Paeonia. Those that unethically evade over the former Yugoslavians recent identity quick change into apparently Slavic founders of the Hellenistic period have no credibility

    • Eli

      Get a fucking life you troll. This article is about photography, not a forum for you apply your neanderthal views.

      • HerodotusHistories945

        Evasion is not an out you patronizing asshat. Giant Alexander statues in Skopje are pretty hard to miss you greek hating bigot. You would have made a fine jail guard at aAuschwitz. Just look the other way at the art on the wall and pretend nothing is wrong. Hide behind numbers all you want. The Greek writing on ancient Macedonian artifacts isn’t going anywhere you ethnic cleansing prick.

      • HerodotusHistories945

        Hows this for photography.

        Two guesses as to which language this Alexandrian era coin is written in.

        A. Bulgarian dialect modified and renamed “Macedonian” by cold war communist thugs.

        B. Greek.

        Keep up the great “human rights” work champ.

        • i c u

          Did you know that Modern Greek language and the Ancient Greek language is completely different?
          Did you know that Alexander the Great coins have been found in Israel? He must have been a Jew if we go by the Greek theory.

          Now upload a pic of your “art” lmao.

    • Truth

      Dude, it’s not 2600 years ago… Your brainwashed with no concept of reality.

      • HerodotusHistories945

        You are whose brainwashed. You couldn’t tell the difference between something authentically Macedonian and a tomato. You jhust senselessly follow the national, positions of your dishonerable government officials and media rather than analyze the situation with your own head. (both of whom are shamelessly trying to hide their mistake of ridiculously calling Slavs “ethnic” Macedonians)

        Dear “Truth” tell your patronzing lectures on history to those that claim to be “British”.. or “Chinese”… or “indian”… or “Jewish”… or (insert group here with a long history). Most of all tell you pretentious lectures to the former Yugoslavians that now claim to be founders of the Hellenistic period.. while billions unethically evade.


      • HerodotusHistories945

        Further reading for the ethnic cleansers of Greeks.

      • HerodotusHistories945

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      • HerodotusHistories945
        • i c u

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    • i c u

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      Now, upload one of your useless photos you old perve.

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