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Mexico and the World Meet at the Festival of Friendly Cultures

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Azerbaiyán, Tanzania, Libya, and the Dominican Republic, some of the countries represented at the #FCA2016. Image by the author.

Azerbaiyán, Tanzania, Libya, and the Dominican Republic, some of the countries represented at the #FCA2016. Image by the author.

Once again, Mexico City's Zócalo [1] is hosting the Festival of Friendly Cultures, which seeks to build a connection between this Latin American country and approximately 90 countries from different regions of the world.

The special guest country this year is France.

Long live France, long live Mexico! Festival of Friendly Cultures 2016. Don't miss it!

This is the eighth anniversary of the festival, and it is described [6]by the local government as follows:

Más de 200 actividades artísticas y culturales están listas para promover el intercambio multicultural, moderno y cosmopolita que se ha hecho tradición en la capital del país, del sábado 21 de mayo al domingo 5 de junio, cuando se lleve a cabo la Feria de las Culturas Amigas (FCA) 2016 en el Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México.

More than 200 art and cultural activities are planned to promote multicultural, modern, and cosmopolitan exchange, which has become a tradition in the capital of the country. From Saturday, May 21 to Sunday, June 5, the Festival of Friendly Cultures 2016 will take place in the historic center of Mexico City.

What exactly are the activities? The same website explains [6]:

Con talleres, conferencias, ciclos de cine, clases de francés, actividades infantiles, sesiones de activación física y espectáculos de performance, música, danza y teatro, el proyecto llega a su octava edición bajo la coordinación general del Gobierno de la Ciudad de México.

Workshops, conferences, film series, French classes, children's activities, physical activities and live performances of music, dance and theater will all be featured in this eighth edition of the festival, produced under the direction of Mexico City's government.

The opportunity to sample international cuisine is one of the most popular attractions for visitors to the festival, which the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico City [7] seems to be well aware of, judging by the following image posted on Twitter:

The Festival of Friendly Cultures, a party of the world in our own Mexico City, is waiting for you at the Zócalo. France is the special guest country pic.twitter.com/2aJn1VdsUb [10]

For example, at the United Kingdom's food stand you can find beans and sausage:

We're waiting for you at the Festival of Cultures. United Kingdom.

For those interested in finding international ingredients after the festival, we recommend checking out the large variety offered at San Juan market [16], also in downtown Mexico City.

Events like the Festival of Friendly Cultures allow Mexico City's population and visitors to hear, taste, and see unique countries, and why not, build friendships.