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Venezuela's Oscar Entry Speaks an Indigenous Language

Categories: Latin America, Venezuela, Arts & Culture, Citizen Media, Ethnicity & Race, Indigenous

Lo que lleva el río (“Gone With the River”), from Cuban-Venezuelan filmmaker Mario Crespo Dauna, is a Venezuelan film shot almost entirely in Warao, the language spoken by the people indigenous to the Orinoco River Delta. The film is Venezuela's entry to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign-Language Film.

According to Andrew S. Vargas [3], who wrote in Remezcla [4]:

The story follows an indigenous woman named Dauna who is marked by difference within her community. Torn between her love for Tarsicio or her desire to pursue studies outside of her village, Dauna’s decision to challenge the expectations of her traditional culture lead to suffering and, ultimately, reconciliation.”

The film was selected as part of the Berlin Film Festival’s groundbreaking NATIVe showcase [5], earlier this year. Here is the trailer: