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How You Can Help Syrian (and Other) Refugees

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Photo of an Afghan refugee family leaving the Keleti train station. From Budapest Seen's Facebook page. [1]

An Afghan refugee family leaving the Keleti train station. Photo by Edd Carlile, from Budapest Seen's Facebook page.

The refugee crisis in Europe has many asking how they can direct their funds and attention to Syrian and other refugees here. There are many different initiatives, but here are a few good ones I’ve found:

Two years ago, I wrote a post [13] about how you can help Syrian refugees. While I stand by the information in that post, I decided to write a fresh one that includes newer organizations. This post also includes some repeats from the last. Many thanks to Lina Sergie Attar [14] and Sima Diab [15] for their help.

As I explained last time, I’ve highlighted organizations that are 501(c)(3) US-based nonprofits and receive high marks from GuideStar and Charity Navigator, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Suggestions are in no particular order:

This post was originally published [49] on Jillian C.York's blog. Jillian [50] is a volunteer representative for the Global Voices Board of Directors. She is also EFF's Director for International Freedom of Expression and is based in Berlin, Germany.

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