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GV Face: How Volunteers in Europe Are Opening Their Hearts and Homes to Refugees

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Hungarian citizens are handing out water [1] to hundreds of refugees as the march 125 miles towards Austria. A German couple helped organize Refugees Welcome, [2] an AirBnB of sorts that helps connect refugees with shared flats and dozens of volunteer organizations are helping refugees as the arrive via perilous sea journeys at Lesvos and Kos islands in Greece.

As governments are struggling to address the growing refugee crisis in Europe, ordinary citizens across Greece, Germany, Hungary, and Italy are organizing to arrange resources and even offering their homes to refugees.

In this episode of GV Face, we'll be talking about the organizations and people working on the ground in Greece with Asteris Masouras, [3]who just spent a week at Lesvos with refugees who arrived by sea, Marietta Le [4]will be telling us about the work being done in Budapest, Hungary, where thousands of refugees are stranded at the Keleti train station, and Anne Hemeda and Katrin Zinoun [5]will tell us about the work being done to help resettle hundreds of thousands of refugees in Germany this year.

Organizations working on the ground:

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