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Amazing Japanese TV Commercial Racks Up Views

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Screenshot from official toyotajpchannel on YouTube.

Screenshot from toyotajpchannel [1] on YouTube.

An innovative commercial for aftermarket car parts has captured the attention of social media in Japan.

G Sports [2], owned and operated by automaker Toyota, produced an innovative commerical called G's Baseball Baseball Party [3].

The premise of the video sees pedestrians suddenly joining in an game of pick-up baseball. The participants make amazing catches, and souped-up automobiles — which the commercial is supposed to be selling in the first place — don't make an appearance until the end of the clip.

The video was released in March 2015, and has so far racked up an amazing 8 million views on YouTube.

According to some on social media, part of the appeal of the commercial is that it doesn't really appear to be a commercial:

The quality of the commercial is really good! Although you get the feeling they wound up making a commercial better than the product they're selling LOL.

Note: The translation of the Tweet has been updated based on insights from Marc Adler [7].