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Watch This Giant Rainbow Mural Transform a Low-Income Mexican Neighborhood

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a low-income neighborhood in mexico is now the talk of the town. @germencrew have transformed the village of #palmitas into a vibrant rainbow, connecting the community of more than 200 homes through an array of colorful hues. see more on #designboom [1]

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A low-income neighborhood in Mexico was transformed [2] in a giant rainbow by the collective Germen Crew [3]—a youth organization of muralists and street artists formed by 15 graffiti artists, under the direction of Mibe (Luis Enrique Gómez Guzmán), who's teamed with Mexican Government.

The more than 200 homes of the village of Palmitas, in the city of Pachuca (Hidalgo State), are now connected through colors.

Another example of the collective's “urban neomuralism” is Mexico City's famous Jamaica Market, which comprises over 1,000 stands dedicated to the sale of flowers, floral arrangements, ornamental plants, and garden accessories. Last year, the crew created a mural that visualizes a symbolic ritual beginning with “Mother Earth” (Tonantzin) giving birth to a life-form that transforms into flowers on the south façade of the famous flower market.