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Infographic Shows Thailand Junta Arrested Hundreds in the Past Year for Criticizing the Government

Categories: East Asia, Thailand, Censorship, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Human Rights, Politics

junta prosecution [1]The free speech advocate iLaw uploaded an infographic which showed [2] that 166 people have been arrested in the past year in Thailand for expressing an opinion against the military-backed government.

The army grabbed [3] power in May 2014 but it vowed to restore civilian rule and conduct free elections next year. Protests and public gathering of five or more people are currently prohibited in Thailand.

The infographic also revealed that there are 68 political prisoners in the country.

Meanwhile, another infographic by iLaw showed that lese majeste (anti-royal insult law) cases have risen [4] in the past year. Some scholars are petitioning the review of the law which they described as harsh and repressive.

lese majeste cases [5]