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Your Post-Election Guide to Cashing in on Nigeria's Oil Wealth

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In March 2015, Africa's most populous country held its third general election, an historic vote [1] that saw power change hands democratically for the first time since independence. The new government means the coming months will see a reshuffling of political offices, including key positions in the oil industry. Not on the appointment list? Not to worry! Tolu Ogunlesi [2] has a funny, informative guide [3] to how you too can cash in on Nigeria's oil wealth.

Here's step four:

Lower the Bar. This is simple common sense. If you want it easier, you’ve got to make it easier. Again, let’s go back to 2011. Pre-Jonathan, the requirements for qualifying to be issued an oil import licence were quite stringent. You had to prove that you had the capacity to pay upfront for a minimum shipment size of 5,000 metric tonnes of product. You also had to prove that you owned retail outlets for the distribution of the imported product.