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Radio Ambulante and Global Voices Latin America Join Forces

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Radio Ambulante y Global Voices trabajarán en conjunto para dar a conocer las inciativas y los testimonios de latinoamericanos dentro y fuera de la región.

Radio Ambulante and Global Voices will work together to give coverage to Latin American initiatives and voices inside and outside of the region.

Radio Ambulante is joining forces [1] with Global Voices Latin America [2] to broaden the representation and spread of Latin American voices.

Radio Ambulante [3] is a Spanish-language radio program that tells Latin American stories from anywhere Spanish is spoken, including the United States. They feature uniquely Latin American stories bringing the aesthetic of high-quality long-form journalism to radio, reaching as many as 60,000 listeners worldwide per episode.

Radio penetration is about 60 percent in Latin America, Using the region's most popular medium with new technologies, Radio Ambulante brings voice and visibility to important social issues in Spanish.

Starting in May this year, Global Voices will publish content from Radio Ambulante on its website, as we did with the Los 43 + 11 [4] episode.

GV Radio [5], a new Global Voices initiative, will also broadcast Radio Ambulante episodes.

Through this alliance, we hope to increase the visibility of projects and initiatives that can inspire readers and listeners looking to understand regional and transnational spaces, covering both local and global issues.

In October 2014, Radio Ambulante received the Gabriel García Márquez award for ‘Innovation’  [6]for its rigorous yet creative presentation of journalism. And most recently won the BOBS prize for top blogs in Spanish [7].