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Bulgaria's First Crowdfunding Journalism Project

Categories: Bulgaria, Citizen Media, Freedom of Speech, Media & Journalism

Bulgaria, a member of the European Union, has a big problem with freedom of the media [1]. The Balkan country is ranked 106 out of 180 countries [2] in the 2015 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders.

Against this unpleasant background, a new media project was established with the ambitious task of opposing the media empires of local oligarchs and providing an alternative way to access information to the public.

KlinKlin.bg [3], founded by journalists, designers and bloggers, aims to establish an independent crowdfunding journalist project similar in spirit to those established by colleagues in the Netherlands (decorespondent.nl [4]), Germany (krautreporter.de [5]) and Canada (ricochet.media [6]). But KlinKlin faces a major challenge: 86.5% of the population has no confidence [7] in the local media.

KlinKlin is in the early stage of collecting support and funding. For now, the site is in Bulgarian, but the team is considering an English version too. In less than a week, the Facebook page of KlinKlin [8] has just under 2,700 fans. Below is the group's promo video complete with English subtitles.