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France Launchs National Campaign to Curb Racist and Anti-Semitic Acts

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"The Republic United Against Racism" Infographic on the national campaign - Public Domain [1]

“The Republic United Against Racism and Anti-Semitism”. Infographic on the national campaign. Public domain

On April 17, the French government unveiled a national campaign [2] to combat racism and anti-Semitism in France. The objective of the campaign is to fight all prejudices, raise awareness and get citizens engaged in the conversation.

One hundred euros will be allocated over three years to educate and promote cultural diversity. The hashtag #planantiracisme [3] (the plan against racism) was the number one trending topic on Twitter [4] on the day of the announcement.

According to the Report on Racism and Antisemitism [5] by the Commission Nationale Consultative des Droits de l’Homme CNCDH (National Comission on Human Rights), there was a 30% increase in racist acts in 2014 (from 1,274 in 2013 to 1,662 in 2014). Anti-Semitic acts went from 423 in 2013 to 851 in 2014 [5], including the attack on the kosher store after the Charlie Hebdo shooting [6].