Social Network Analysis Reveals Full Scale of Kremlin's Twitter Bot Campaign

Profile pictures from a large network of pro-Kremlin Twitter accounts. Image by Lawrence Alexander.

Profile pictures from a large network of pro-Kremlin Twitter accounts. Image by Lawrence Alexander.

With the aid of open-source tools, Internet researcher Lawrence Alexander gathered and visualised data on nearly 20,500 pro-Kremlin Twitter accounts, revealing the massive scale of information manipulation attempts on the RuNet. In what is the first part of a two-part analysis, he explains how he did it and what he found.

RuNet Echo has previously written about the efforts of the Russian “Troll Army” to inject the social networks and online media websites with pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Twitter is no exception, and multiple users have observed Twitter accounts tweeting similar statements during and around key breaking news and events. Increasingly active throughout Russia's interventions in Ukraine, these “bots” have been designed to look like real Twitter users, complete with avatars.

But the evidence in this two-part analysis points to their role in an extensive program of disinformation.

Alec Luhn, a US journalist reporting on Russian affairs, observed how mere hours after the shooting of Boris Nemtsov on February 27th, a group of Twitter accounts were already attempting to sway the narrative:

Using the open-source NodeXL tool, I collected and imported a complete list of accounts tweeting that exact phrase into a spreadsheet. From that list, I also gathered and imported an extended community of Twitter users, comprised of the friends and followers of each account. It was going to be an interesting test: if the slurs against Nemtsov were just a minor case of rumour-spreading, they probably wouldn't be coming from more than a few dozen users.

But once the software had finished crunching data, the full scale of the network was revealed: a staggering 2,900 accounts. This figure is perhaps understandable: for a fake Twitter account to be credible, it needs plenty of followers—which in turn requires more supporting bots. 

Then I used Gephi, another free data analysis tool, to visualize the data as an entity-relationship graph. The coloured circles—called Nodes—represent Twitter accounts, and the intersecting lines—known as Edges—refer to Follow/Follower connections between accounts. The accounts are grouped into colour-coded community clusters based on the Modularity algorithm, which detects tightly interconnected groups. The size of each node is based on the number of connections that account has with others in the network.

Extended network of 2,900 bots taken from Nemtsov thread sample.

Extended network of 2,900 Twitter bots taken from Nemtsov thread sample. Image by Lawrence Alexander.

It is clear from how dense and close to each other the nodes are in the graph that this is a large and highly-connected network. Most of the bots follow many others, giving them each a high follower/followed count. On the periphery, there are a few rings of lesser-connected accounts, perhaps indicating that the “bot” network was still being “grown” at the time of its capture; you could think of it like a tree, with branches spreading outwards.

But there was one crucial question in this analysis: how was it possible to be sure that the network consisted chiefly of bots and not real humans?

NodeXL doesn't just gather information on who follows whom. It also acquires metadata—the publicly-available details of each Twitter account and its behavior. This shows that out of the 2,900-strong network, 87% of profiles had no timezone information and 92% no Twitter favorites. But in a randomized sample of 11,282 average Twitter users (based on accounts that had tweeted the word “and”) only 51% had no timezone and tellingly, only 15% had no favorites (both traits of what could be classified as “human” behavior).

For added comparison, an entity-relationship graph of the randomized Twitter user control network is shown below. In contrast with the bots visualisation, this network has several unconnected and isolated clusters: groups of Twitter users that aren't linked to each other—a perfectly normal occurrence in a random group of users.

Shared use of the word “and” results in unconnected, isolated clusters in a random Twitter user group. Image by Lawrence Alexander.

Having unearthed such a large-scale network from a single source, I decided to take the bot-hunting further. Searching Twitter for phrases such as “Kremlin bots”, “pro-Russian trolls” and “Putin sockpuppets,” I found several users sharing screenshots of alleged bot activity. Some also used the #Kremlinbots (#Кремлеботы) hashtag to report sightings.

Using the same method as with the anti-Nemtsov tweets, I gathered networks of accounts based around the use of some of the reported key phrases that revealed larger communities—or, in some cases, just a list of users shown in the screenshot. These were divided into groups labelled A, B, C and D. (I will elaborate on the reason for this grouping in part two of the analysis.)

@PressRuissa is a parody account (now suspended) spoofing a pro-Russian media, a mix of satire and commentary on disinformation and bias. One of its tweets was the starting source for the Group A network:

Group B came from different sources of suspected bot accounts whose behavior seemed to match the previous samples. Some were identified by their tendency to change from Russian language to English with the single error message “RSS in offline mode”—presumably caused by a glitch in their control software.

For the remaining sources, a tweet by Devin Ackles, an analyst for think tank CASE Ukraine provided the basis for Group C.

And lastly, Vitaliy Moroz of Internews Ukraine shared a screencap of bot accounts that formed the sample for Group D.

All four groups were merged into a single data set, resulting in a total of 17,590 Twitter accounts. As with those producing the anti-Nemtsov tweets, the metadata confirmed that the vast majority were indeed bots. 93% showed no location on their profile, 96% had no time zone information and 97% had no Twitter favorites saved.

Also, despite having produced an average of 2,830 tweets, the accounts almost never interacted with other Twitter users through @replies or @mentions.

 Reply and Mention Network

The bots broadcast tweets, but don't interact. Image by Lawrence Alexander.

Intriguingly, many of the bots had been given western-sounding names such as barnardgrant, terancebarnaby, terencecoward and duncanstarks.

But an even more surprising result came when I visualized the bot groups’ follow relationships. Even though the samples had been taken from four separate sources, the combined network was found to be intensely interconnected.

Network of Combined Bot Groups

All 17,590 accounts from all four sources. Note the tight interconnections and lack of isolated clusters. Image by Lawrence Alexander.

This sharply contrasts with the randomized control sample: the final dataset showed no isolated groups or outliers at all. This strongly supports the idea that the bots were created by a common agency—and the weight of evidence points firmly towards Moscow.

In my next post I will look at the timeline behind the creation of the bots, and see how it correlates with political events in Russia and Ukraine.


  • Hrld

    Pushing analysis to the next level – kudos to you Lawrence, kudos.

    • Vivek Nariyan (Yerevan)

      Did Lawrence mention any US/EU/NATO internet activity? Serious “analysis” should not be so one-sided. A particular Mr Snowden comes to mind for the balancing process.

      • danram

        If there were any corresponding US/EU/NATO “troll army” or “bot army”, western media sources would have long since exposed it and had a field day with it. That’s what they live for.

        As big of a pain in the a** as they can be at times, a truly free press is indispensable to the functioning of a democratic system. In Russia, where the news media is 99% state-controlled, this important “watchdog” function is lacking.

        • Vivek Nariyan (Yerevan)

          Your childish faith in the western media is very touching. In the UK we have government controlled BBC and billionaire controlled ITV and SKY. A bought media is as independent as the Moon is from the Earth. How long have you been so trusting?
          Have you not noticed how the media works so compliantly with our leaders? They all fart the same lies at the same time and expect the “plebs” to buy them.
          It would be laughable, except over Ukraine, the government/billionaire controlled media are leading us to Cold War 2 and a possible nuclear holocaust.
          Are your really so gullible???

          • zetty

            The Western press is all about money-making and has much less political influence (albeit, of course it has inherit Westerner bias). A story about government corruption sells well, so it is unlikely for something like that to be swept under rug — in fact it’s more likely to be exaggerated in a sensationalist manner.

        • Savletto Polvere

          That’s true. Here in Russia internet is the only media that allows thinking people to get unbiased information and coordinate (TV, radio and press are filled with propaganda, it’s ridiculous how much bullshit they produce on a daily basis), and government is doing everything to take over it.
          Paid trolls is something they copied from China, by the way.

      • Mader Levap

        Blah, blah, blah whataboutism blah.

        • Vivek Nariyan (Yerevan)

          Hey Mader Levap! You just can’t handle the fact that the so called free media of the “superior and civilised” west is dominated by those that are government controlled or billionaire owned. Have you checked the ownership and control of CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, BBC, ITN, SKY, etc? The only free press is the rubbish like the Metro and Standard dished out free at London stations.
          Now go use your brain and question the propaganda fed to you by the media controlled by the governments and the billionaires of the “superior and civilised” west.

          • Mader Levap

            This article is about army of russian trolls and how one can gather evidence that Twitter account aren’t actual people, but propagandists on Kremlin payroll.

            Your comment is trying to distract from that. It does not deny anything in article nor points to any errors in methodology used to identify Twitter trolls. It is just “waaah waah look at evil west”. Pure whataboutism.

            “Now go use your brain and question the propaganda of west.”
            Only west? Funny that you do not say same thing about russian media, almost completely controlled by certain former KGB agent.

            Your agenda is very, very obvious, putinbot.

          • Vivek Nariyan (Yerevan)

            Aah! The magic word “putinbot”. You say that with religious conviction? In the world of Science, which I inhabit as a teacher, we require evidence. Do you have any? If you wish to discuss your religious views then please go somewhere else.
            I realise than in your ignorant world, dominated by the RACIST ideas from the “superior and civilised” west, anyone who opposes your point of view, must be labelled a “Putinbot, Krembot, Kremtroll etc”. This helps you to avoid answering the substantive points and protect your delicate minds. I feel sorry for you!
            I have no doubt that Russia has its own multidimensional media operation to get its points of view across to a western population dominated by the government or billionaire controlled media. That is only to be expected from Russia, which is a modern and sophisticated country.
            I would expect no less an operation from the US, UK, France, Germany, China etc. That is why I would watch ALL media sources before coming to a conclusion.
            What do you do, just feed on CIA TV?
            You should get out more and watch more Star Trek (the original series).
            Now, since you have been so badly whipped, why don’t you sing
            “troll, troll, troll, la, la, la…..” to make yourself feel better?
            Poor simple Mader Levap!

          • Mader Levap

            After a week’s work I am back here for weekend and what I see? More of same.

            “The magic word “putinbot”.”
            It is pretty accurate. Putinbot is someone that creates posts with certain content. It does not have to be paid. In fact, majority of putinbots are russians that knows very well what is happening, support it, but also know this makes Russia looking bad. Their reaction is obvious: deny, lie, BS.

            I long ago assessed this kind of content as pure garbage. I was lied to already many times in provable way. A little over year ago, the very first thing that my very first putinbot told me (shortened) was “no, Russia is not interested in Crimea, stop making Russia look bad!”. Guess how it ended?

            Racism is about race, not nationality.

            “anyone who opposes your point of view,”
            I can’t bring myself to respect any point of view that rely on lies and BS. I do not see any difference between Putin’s supporter that claims there are no russians in Ukraine and, say, creationist that insists earth is 6000 years old. Both evolution and russian presence in Ukraine are proved beyond reasonable doubt.

            “This helps you to avoid answering the substantive points”
            What? You are one that do not answer nor deny any points raised in article. All you peddle is “media in other countries does same thing, so Russian propaganda bots are okay”. Classic whataboutism.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Yes, I do call it anti Russian RACISM, something to do with the Russians mingling too freely with the “inferior” mongol blood from the “barbaric” east. Remember how much “white” Hitler hated “white” “subhuman” Russians? Something in a little book he wrote and fulfilled in operation Barbarossa on 22 June 1941? He got a good kicking by the “subhumans” all the way back to his bunker in Berlin. Thanks to God!
            If it helps you to protect your delicate western propaganda brainwashed mind to call me a “putinbot, krembot, or russian troll”, then I would not want to change your comfortable view. Two year olds can engage in a massive tantrum. I saw one fine example on the London bus 140 from Harrow Weald to Heathrow Airport only yesterday. His mummy had to be polite and firm.
            I determine my view after examining as many facts I can, trying not to let prejudice get in the way. What do you do? Watch CBBC and teletubbies?
            I refuse to swallow the US/EU/NATO/Kiev stooges propaganda about “Russian invaders” and that is what really irks your brainwashed kind.
            Perhaps, you will be able to explain to me, if you can without you brain exploding and creating an almighty mess, why:
            400,000 refugees from the fighting in the Donbass have sought refuge in Russia after Russia invaded the Donbass? How come they went to neighbouring INVADER Russia? This must be a first in human history!
            How come more than 2 million Ukrainian citizens continue to work in ENEMY Russia, paying taxes to feed the war machine that seeks to destroy Ukraine?
            Now go sing “troll, troll, troll, la, la, la….” to soothe your headache!
            Happy Orthodox Easter Sunday, brainwashed Mader Levap!

          • While also talking about the great parts of your motherland, how about the Ukrainian famine of 33?

          • then, by that logic, I consider Putin, Anti-American racist! You’re a fool, stop acting like one, for crap’s frikkin sake!

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Well, AK dear, I have noticed that Putin has been called a lot worse. I am sure the first born around the world will be warned about the Anti Christ from Russia. Or, maybe, they already have and I haven’t checked the US God channels?
            So, be it. I am charging the leaders of the “superior and civilised” west, the self-appointed “guardians of civilisation”, the users of black African slaves, of being anti Russian RACISTS. The childish hysteria is truly staggering to behold!

          • have you been called these before?: c*nt, f*g, h*mo, b*tch, ret*rd, q*eer, d*ck, dipsh*t, child molest*r, rapist, midget, Russian pig, f*lch, skullf*ck, c*m dumpster, f*ck hole, f*cktard, wh*re, p*mp, a$$mucus, motherf*cker, sisterf*cker, roosterf*cker, cowf*cker (because your mom is a f*cking cow when you did her), d*ckhole, jackhole, a$$munch, sh*thead!

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Love you too, Man! Your hate will only destroy you from the inside. Only love can set you free. Don’t inhale too much. Have a nice day, Bruv!!!

          • Grimaldy

            You make a number of unwarranted and unjustified conclusions is what Mader Levap is trying to point out.
            First, there is no evidence that the bots are on “Kremlin payroll”, is there? You may wish it were so but that is speculation on your part. Second there is no evidence whatever as to the nationality of any of the bots, who operates them or where they are located. You may like to believe that it is some sort of Kremlin led plot, but you should keep in mind there are other persons who have an interest in parroting and pushing national propaganda. So cool your jets and let us see what the evidence really is. Unless you have some evidence other than speculation and guess.

          • Right, if this VeeNarian actually had a head on his shoulders, he could just use the same methods and pull out the “western bot farms” that he thinks exist.

          • let’s face it, BOTH Russian and a lot of Western media is gov-influenced. In Russia they have bloody dreadful Pravda and Rt, where the crap they spew is unbearably frustrating/tiring. Here, we have the liberal NPR, PBS, VOA, and well, basically the msm giants which are largely pro-obama.

            Sadly, the U.S. is becoming like Russia. but then, even BBC, while not my preferred outlet, is at least FAR MORE balanced than frikkin Pravda.

            This VeeNarian guy obviously has his priorities mixed up, because he’s an ignorant hypocrite.

          • He’s no doubt a RuTroll, or one of its sympathizers. England has a lot of those idiots.

          • Ondřej Turek

            Well, at least western media aren’t outright laying that Ukrainians CRICIFIED 3yrs old boy, that Ukraine presidential elections weren’t winned by Poroshenko but by Right Sector’s Jarosh instead, that MH17 was downed by ukraine Su-25, strike that, MiG-29, strike that, Su-27… And, off course, that there are “no Russian soldiers or tanks on Ukraine” like the Russian TV.

            Yes, Russia-1 / Pervyj Kanal, I’m talking about you.

            (Spare your time. I’ve been facing the most insane of russian lies since 2006, when supreme commander of Russian strategic missile forces decided that laws of nature don’t apply to him and proclaimed that american X-band /10GHz/ radar in CZE would see Russian submarines in northern sea. I know all of your people’s tricks.

            Also, don’t even try to argument with “mainstream media brainwashed” bla bla. I make my own picture from broadcasts from both sides. What I know about separatist and russian operations and intents I know because they themselves have unmasked it in their arrogance. The T-72B3s from separatist’s embedded Graham Phillip’s “Live from Debaltseve”. “Now we will take Odessa” after Minsk-2 from Novarasija TV. Etc. No chance here, russian troll.)

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            You have been watching too much Petro’s Channel 5. I am sure you support the burning and killing of ‘Moksaals” and “colorado beetles”. You are an anti Russian RACIST. Thousands more Ukrainians will die because of your anti Russian hatred. Ukraine is destined to be thrown in the dustbin of history because of the RACIST hatred of people like you.

          • Ondřej Turek

            I have never seen “Channel 5” in my life, so you just made a fool of yourselves.

            I also don’t support burning anyone, so you are lying again. As you Russians do all the time. “No russian tanks on Ukraine”, heh?

            Nice try, though, YOU RUSSIAN NAZI. Or have you forgot your beloved Rasputin-like Alexander Dugin with his “Combination of the best from Russian orthodoxy, Communism and NAZI mysticism”? Have you forgor all the Russian “White power” Nazis fighting with russian separatists?

            I am not even from Ukraine. I live in former Czechoslovakia which you Russian barbarians invaded TWICE, destroyed our industry with your central planning and outright bans to develop technologies, destroyed our democracy, destroyed our culture with your concentration camps and destroyed our sense of morality with your perverted ideology and teachings.

            So, since you just unmasked yourselves as just another Russian liar, go get your lies unmasked somewhere else.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            So, you are another anti Russian spectator urging Ukraine to destroy itself. I call for a united, federal and prosperous Ukraine in which the Donbass has the federal autonomy of the US states and the bilingual rights of the Canadian provinces like Quebec. What is your proposal? More killing of Ukrainians by fellow Ukrainians? If they listen to you I am convinced that Ukraine will destroy itself and thousands more will die.

            As a British Indian from London, I would not wish Soviet rule in any country. The dictator Stalin was a tragedy for many nations. The Soviets had no excuse to occupy any country after Stalin’s death in 1953. They should have gone home. I wish the Czech people well. However, killing today’s Russian speaking Eastern Ukrainians for the sins of their fathers will NOT bring back the lost freedom from 1945 to 1989, will it?

            Even the Russian and German people do not hate each other after the WW2 invasion of the USSR in June 1941 resulted in the deaths of 20 million Soviet people and 6 million Germans.
            So, get over your hatred of Russians and help save Ukraine from destruction. Act like a human being!

            Or do you prefer that thousands more die in the Donbass and the whole world risks nuclear destruction?

            I do admire the guts of your president. Despite his own dislike of Russians he will visit Moscow for THE victory day of 9 May. Very impressive.

            Unless for you the wrong side won WW2. It was a tough choice for many:

            Gas chambers and slavery V Stalinist repression and the Gulag.
            So many died, But how many billions would die in the nuclear destruction of the world?

            Live long and prosper!

          • Ondřej Turek

            The only problem is that what you are saying isn’t but a diversion. Yes, it would be nice if Donbas was an autonomous region within Ukraine. But the whole separatist operation was run from the very beginning by Aksimov and Girkin, (ex-)Russian citizens with very clear ideology and very clear target: they will not stop with anything less than “Novarasija”, dragging all the way from Donbas to Moldavia. “Autonomy” was just a intentionaly misleading phrase they never really meant. They said it openly later on during winter ’14.

            Girkin/Strelkov, Motorola, Zacharcenko – these guys don’t want peace and they will not allow peace. They are the ones who broke every truce there ever was and they are the ones who openly admitted that and claimed they will come for more land grabs. If you know Russian, just watch their very own videos where they boast about what city they’re going to grab next from Ukraine.

            Do you know the one major difference between Germany and Russia?
            Germany repented from the sins of it’s Nazi past… While Russia embraced them lovingly. In 1991, Russian federal SVR re-built statue of Dzerzinsky, mass murderer and torturer of stalinist era akin to Nazi’s Heydrich. And right now, Russian Ministry of Interior is running whole division renamed after Dzerzinsky! Even Orthodox metropolite warned Russians that their adoration of Stalin is getting completely out of control recently — and that is something.

            The conflict in Donbas is fueled not by Ukraine — on their side, radicals are so far minor element — but by Russian separatists, who themselves are soldiers of perverted ideology of Alexander Dugin (google up that guy and you’ll see). You can see a video, again by Russians, on which civilian from Doneck begged the separatists not to fire with their artillery from behind civilian buildings, thus drawing counter-battery fire on the civilians. Response from Zacharcenko’s men? “You voted yes in april referendum so shut up.”

            These people say that “Ukraine doesn’t exist”, that Stalin was great guy, that the Holodomor (intentional famine by Stalin) never happened, that Soviet/Russian occupation was a great thing and so forth. Dugin is just like Lenin and conflict in Ukraine is all about ideology which Dugin infused into Russians. Literally — separatists are waving Dugin’s flags.

            Peace between Poland and Germany wasn’t possible sooner than when Germany ceased their aggression and invasion, withdrew it’s troops and said “sorry”. Russia has yet to do this with Ukraine.

            So far, the only thing I hope for is that Russians will not continue their war and Minsk-2 ceasefire would be upheld.

            But it seems that Zacharcenko and Russians are prepping for yet one more military push, for continuing the invasion and conquering the cities of Charkov (to steal military factories and industry from Ukraine) and Mariupol (to steal Azov and Black seas access and their gas fields from Ukraine).

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            I do not wish to fight WW2 with you! Nor should the Kiev government fight WW2 with the Donbass people and punish today’s people in the Donbass for the sins of Stalin. Have you thought about going after Georgia?

            You say “Yes, it would be nice if Donbas was an autonomous region within Ukraine”.

            Well, what moves have been made to pass laws to give that federal autonomy? Of course, that would not satisfy those in Russia who wish to destroy independent Ukraine and absorb as much as possible to satisfy their own Russian superiority complex. Ukraine’s task is to settle governance with its own Donbass people NOT Russia. No attempt has been made to enact federal autonomy. After Minsk 1 the Rada passed a 3 year TEMPORARY autonomy. What a sick joke that cost another few thousand lives.

            Even after Minsk 2 the Kiev US/EU stooges are refusing to talk to the leaders of DPR and LPR. Why? Churchill and Roosevelt had many conferences with Stalin. Why is Kiev being so stupid?
            Talking to DPR and LPR leaders is part of a process which allows Ukraine to pass federal autonomy laws for the interest and benefit of ALL of Ukraine. DPR and LPR do NOT enact laws for Ukraine. The Rada claims to govern for the whole of Ukraine.

            I would suggest that, with the advice of the Germans, the Rada should federalize exactly like the FEDERAL republic of Germany and add the bilingual rights of the Canadian provinces. This does not require the consent of DPR, LPR and Russia.

            Those who oppose a united, federal and Ukraine will be exposed, isolated and can be dealt with.
            Kiev has done NONE of the above.
            Petro calls federalism a “foreign infection”.
            Yats calls the Donbass people “subhumans”.

            And the “ATO” against the Donbass kills thousands of Ukrainians to spread “European values” using tanks, artillery and grad missiles.
            Sadly the federal countries of US, Canada, Germany, Australia and their allies continue to support Kiev’s murderous “ATO” because of their own geopolitical games against Russia and their anti Russian RACISM.

            The attitude of the “superior and civilised” west would be laughable if it did not result in the avoidable deaths of thousands of Donbass people and the imminent destruction of Ukraine.

            Truly disgusting and barbaric behaviour!

            Happy Orthodox Easter!

          • Ondřej Turek

            The only people in the world who talk about “punishing” anyone are Russians. Yes, Russians, not Ukraine folk. Ukraine talks about protecting their own country from Russian invasion and Russian irregular or special forces, that means Strelkov’s/Zacharcenko’s fighters and russian army’s Tactical Battalion Groups.
            Russians call these efforts to DEFEND Ukraine soverignity “karateĺe” to imply it’s about punishing civies instead, but thats false and lie.

            See, it was same here. When Soviets invaded us in 1968, they lied to the world AND their soldiers that there is “fascist overthrow” in Czechoslovakia, that “Czech nationalists are slaughtering Russians” etc. But these were lies and no such thing happened; but, when you read KGB archives, KGB had plans to murder russian-czechoslovak married pairs to give this lying Soviet propaganda some pseudo-factual background. Fortunately, this plan was discovered by Czechoslovak counter-intelligence and thus cancelled.
            Also, I have communist books about technology. As a concession to the Party, authors had to insert silly ideological babbling every few pages.
            It always said that the Soviets were always defending and the West was always attacking them or threatening them — even during Land-Lease western rescue of the Soviets in 1943! Even the USAAF air ops to help advancing Soviet armies were mis-pictured as “threatening the peacefull Soviet army”!
            So, this is what Russian propaganda is and always has been. We have first-hand experience with it.

            When the Russians call anyone “fascist”, they are lying. (Fascists were only in Italy, FYI. Germans were National Socialists, but the Soviets, Socialists themselves — only “international” instead of “national” — couldn’t admit that they are the same beasts.)
            When the Russians say they are “defending”, they are lying (as in “We are defending CCCP by invading Poland”).
            When the Russians say their forces do not operate somewhere, they are lying (Andropov promises to Hungary in 1956, Soviet claims to CS in 1968, Soviets in Vietnam, Korea, ’14 Crimea and then Ilovajsk, Luhansk, Debalcevo…)

            Ever since 1918, they always have been.

            Zarhacenko, the self-proclaimed and “voted” leader of “DLR”, is the one who said he doesn’t want autonomous Donbas and that he would continue the invasion to the West. Would you negotiate with someone who clearly proclaimed he is about to destroy you and who only takes any and all cease-fires as an opportunity to bring in more soldiers and tanks from Russia and then, in an unprovoked act of agression like this January, always moved in for yet another land-grab?

            As for the rest. Russians are not a “race”, so no such thing as “anti Russian racism” could even exist. That’s just lame.
            What exists is strong resistence against Russian macho ideology, personalized by their arrogant “I am RUSSIAN OCCUPANT AND IT’S GREAT TO INVADE YOU” video, proudly shared by the top brass of Russian administration.

            Have you talked with “average Russians”? When they get drunk, quite a lot of them will go on explaining that “other countries needs Russia to rule them to save them”. Translated: we are going to invade you, to re-make Soviet Union and rule you and destroy you like from 1945 to 1989 again, because we are arrogant pigs who think they are the super-humans while all other are “subhumans” who don’t know what’s good for them.
            And we are sick and tired of this Russian imperialist crap.

            Russians are retarded by 70 years — because 1945 is pretty much when all other major powers realized that imperialism is a sick and dead ideology and land grabs are no longer acceptable.

            The Russians even signed this in 1977 Helsinki treaty, which stated that land grabs are no longer acceptable, yet didn’t give a crap about it when it ANNEXED Crimea, which is something NO other nation in Europe did since that 1977.
            (FYI, if you wanted to compare, the last country the USA ANNEXED was 1917 Wake Island, which was bought.)

            And civilian casualties? When someone shoots at you, you shoot back. Otherwise, you die. That’s not something you can blame Ukraine for.
            The civilian causalities are there because the Russian insurgents “heroically” HIDE BEHIND CIVILIAN BUILDINGS: as early as May 2014, they fired from mortars taking cover behind Orphan home in Slavyansk!

            Ever since, Zacharcenko’s boys have been firing Grad MLRS and artillery barrages from behind civilian buildings in Doneck and they did it on purpose: given Grad, Gvozdika and especially Msta-S (supplied by Russia) ranges, they could have fired safely from outside Doneck, from non-inhabited territory.

            Russians choosed not to, because they WANT to DRAW FIRE ONTO their “own” CIVILIANS so that they could accuse Ukraine from “karateĺske operacije”. Sick Russian pervs are thus MANUFACTURING civie causalities ON PURPOSE by using “humans shields”!

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Oh dear! Russian this and Russian that. Putin this and Putin that. This is what happens when you stare at Putin’s chest for too long. I was trying to communicate with an intelligent human being about the future of Ukraine. It seems I have totally wasted my time with a programed robot!

            I see that your programmers cannot answer the question about a federal Ukraine which keeps the Donbass in a peaceful and prosperous Ukraine.
            Instead, your new masters in federal US, federal Canada, federal Australia and federal Germany prefer to see the killings to continue.
            Since the Kiev US/EU stooges must follow the diktats of their new masters I am convinced that Ukraine will be dumped in the dustbin of history, AGAIN.
            God help the people of Ukraine!

          • Ondřej Turek

            Your prefabricated comments are amusing. I have not mentioned Putin even once (!) in any of my previous posts; and I have answered the suggestive “questions” you operated with.

            Squirming under the weight of uncomfortable facts, you tried yet another diversion. Well, it didn’t work. Your boss wouldn’t be pleased.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Hi Robot Turek!
            I will ask you again: why can’t the Donbass have the federal autonomy of the US states and the bilingual rights of the Canadian provinces? Now run along to mummy and daddy Robot and get an answer.
            I will be waiting for you!!!

          • Ondřej Turek

            Because, dear KremlBot, they started attacking first and talking later. Too late. You cannot invade soldiers peacefully sitting in their barracks, invade airbases and expect nothing will happen.

            But thanks for valuable insight into KremlBot script.
            Phase 1: shift attention away from uncomfortable facts by suggesting that “and what, the Americans beat the blacks” (line your communist predecessors used when confronted with Gulag facts)
            Phase 2: suggest that anyone who doesn’t catch for this is “mainstream media sheeple” and throw in ad-hominem insults and label everyone “nazi” or whatever

            If this doesn’t work because the other person knows way too much
            Phase 3: suddenly switch to almost friendly tone, admit that SOME of the things Russians did *in the past* were bad, but “let’s forget history”.

            Also, if the person is not from the West but from Central or Eastern Europe, try manufacturing fear of war (“Give Hitler the Sudetenland or we you want war. Chamberlain: I bring peace for our times!”)

            Phase 4: if this didn’t work, blame everything bad what happened on Kyiv and start implying the other person wants war on Ukraine and dead Ukraine civies, intentionally ignoring the fact that it was always separatists who broke all the cease-fires in hopes for more land-grabs.

            Phase 5: if this didn’t work also, fall back to “ad hominem” insults, labeling the others as “Putin-haters” and mainstream media sheeple once more, plus they are bots, off course, because Russians always projected their actions onto everyone else :D

            I only wonder if your script only has those five phases and we’ll roll again through all five, or if the fifth one is final.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Hi Robot Turek! Is this all your mummy and daddy robot could come up with?
            “Because, dear KremlBot, THEY started attacking first and talking later.”

            The Kiev US/EU stooges have never talked directly to the “terrorist” leaders of the DPR and LPR.

            Who are THEY? The “Russian invaders”? The “Putler fascists”? The “Moksaals”? The “Colorado beetles”? Maybe the whole Donbass people of 6.7 million?

            Didn’t your mummy and daddy robot from US and Canada tell you that the federal powers of the US states and the bilingual rights of the Canadian provinces are for ALL the people?

            These people include: Texas separatists who want to restore the Texas republic, the Confederate rebels of the Southern States from Virginia, Alabama, and Georgia who want to restore the Confederacy, the Obama birthers, the flat earthers, the murderers on death row in the death penalty states, the anti-English supremacists of Quebec etc. Why even the polar bears have federal autonomy from Ottawa and Washington!
            The federal autonomy rights are granted to all by the authority of the US and Canadian constitution to all citizens, even if they are bombers, terrorists and child molesters.
            Mummy and daddy robot from US and Canada have been telling you porkies again!
            Don’t come back until you get a proper answer from mummy and daddy robot from US and Canada, or you will be spanked again!

          • Ondřej Turek

            Who are they? Just look at their own official materielas. They are Strelkov. “Motorola”. Zacharcenko. Pomornajev. Aksjonov. 4000 Russian volunteers and, according to Zacharcenko, self-proclaimed “head of DLR”, 1500 more Russians every month.

            Plus Russian army BTGs with T-72B3s, Pancir-S and TOR-M1 air defense systems, Dozor-N C4I vehicles and more.

            Your script is out of sync: you keep denying things both Separatists and Russia have oficially admitted. For example, Russia has admitted that T-72B tanker Dorži Batomunkujev who was wounded when his T-72B lost tank fight with Ukrainan T-64BM is indeed their solider who fought with russian army tank on Ukraine. And Russian’s own propaganda machine keeps spitting out photos of heavy weapons Ukraine never had in it’s armory, only Russia has, but yet, they are on Ukraine.

            Oh, and FYI, you seem the miss the “subtle differences”: today’s “Texan separatists” only TALK about secession. The last time US Southerens took up arms instead and started a war against their federal government the way Russian separatists on Ukraine do, the thing called “American Civil War” happened.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Yes now we have the Ukrainian civil war. I propose federal autonomy to end that war. Your robot kind proposes killing thousands more Ukrainians, calling them”Russian separatists and invaders”.
            That is the difference between civilised people and barbarians.
            Why don’t to tell the world that robots like you consider all of 6.7 million Donbass people “Russian terrorists and invaders”, who should be attacked with tanks and artillery or driven to Russia?
            Don’t be shy!!!

          • Ondřej Turek

            How can you “propose” anything? Are you Zacharcenko in disquise? Or are you an official negotiatior of Zacharcenko’s Doneck People’s Republic?

            No, you are not. And what you and me “want” is irrelevant.

            I want peace. Ukraine wants peace.

            But Zacharcenko, Strelkov and their Russian army “helpers” want war. And they decide, because they are the ones who keep breaking the cease fire.

            NOT UKRAINE – ZACHARCENKO! BY HIS UNILATERAL INVASION WEST TO CAPTURE DEBALTSEVE!!! There is no denying to that, Zacharcenko himself admitted that he was the one who ordered unprovoked invasion west.

            Fighters of the Doneck’s People Republic and LLR are the ones who decide whether there would be war or peace. And they want the war to go on, to fight further west. Go search youtube for the video they did *after* Minsk-2: it is called “Дебальцево. Постфактум” and it was made by official separatist “staff “Информотряд штаба А.Мозгового”. In 435th second, it declares that they will invade further north, to Poltava and Cherson.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            I can propose a peace settlement because I am a civilised human being. I am not an anti Russian RACIST. My taxes are being used right now for IMF loans so that the US/EU Kiev stooges can rearm and kill more of their own citizens in the Donbass.
            I am just one voice amongst billions on the planet but the vile and barbaric actions of the Kiev US/EU stooges and their sponsors in the “civilised and superior” west will be exposed for the whole world to see and judge.
            Bedtime for robot Turek? I forgot, it is the off switch!!!

          • Ondřej Turek

            And into the loop we go. Russia is not a race, ergo no such thing as “anti-russian racism” could exist. Lie number one.

            Lie number two, in politics, the only people who could file “proposals” are negotiators of groups involved. Disagree? Great, then I propose peace on Ukraine, I propose complete nuclear disarmament, I propose that the ISIS is disbanded and it’s leader Bagdadi shoots himself in the head; then, I propose Britain pays me three billion GBP for my great proposals.

            Whoops, the fighting goes on and I’m still not a billionare. Guess “proposals” don’t work this way, you childish hypocrite.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Russia is not a race? You are right! They have “contaminated” the “pure” European blood with the “mongol” blood, RIGHT?
            We have lots of mixed race people in London. I bet that disgusts you!
            Anti Russian (mixed race) RACIST!
            Poor robot Turek. Spanked again!

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            How does it feel to be spanked with the truth, robot Turek? Now run along to mummy and daddy robot in US and Canada and they will tuck you in bed!

          • Ondřej Turek

            Lol, what truth? I have more than HUNDRED youtube videos made not by western media, but by pro-russian separstists themselves. They boast with using human shields; they boast with their invasions; they boast with Russian army being on Ukraine.

            I have all the facts — and you pretend to even not know Strelkov, the most important actor of the whole conflict?

            Talking about “truth about conflict on Ukraine” and “not knowing” Strelkov who openly bragged that “IF IT WASN’T FOR ME CAPTURING SLAVJANSK, THERE WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ANY WAR ON UKRAINE”?


            Your boss wouldn’t pay you well, because you’re couunter-productive to Russian propaganda efforts.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            The invaders to the Donbass are the tanks, artillery, and grad missiles of the neo-nazi riddled Kiev US/EU stooge government who have used the neo nazi Right Sector and the neo nazi Azov battalion to kill thousands of there own people. Did you really expect the Donbass people to just surrender to the diktats of the Kiev US/EU stooge government just because the US/EU/NATO gang told them to do so?
            It seems that the Kiev US/EU stooge forces will need to get another spanking before they learn their lesson in the Donbass. Sadly, thousands more will die.

          • Ondřej Turek

            Really? Tanks Azov NEVER HAD until february 2015, more than 4 months after the Russian Army tank battalions with T-72B3s invaded Ukraine? Pathetic liar.

            Artillery? Like the stolen Nona-S of the separatists who STARTED the artillery bombardment with their attack on Ukraine governmental forces on the Karachun mountain in may 2014? Pathetic liar.

            Grad rockets? Like the ones separatist stole during their transports and then shelled Ukraine forces ever since, while hiding behind human shields? Pathetic liar.

            And lastly, “Donbas people to surrender”? Do you mean Russian citizen Strelkov who conquered Slavyansk by murdering SBU officers? Or Russian soldiers like aforementioned Dorži Batomunkujev? Or the 8000 Russian volunteers, core of the separatist army, Zacharcenko talked about?

            Lie after lie, pathetic troll. And to your demise, I have proof for all that. The separstists themselves have put a video of them shooting Nona-S at Karachun in May ’14. They have put on videos of Strelkov’s Russian Special Forces conquering Slavyansk police and SBU stations in April ’14. They have put on a video of skoking wrecakage of Russian army’s T-72B3 near Debaltseve; and then they have put online footage of column of brand-new Russian army’s T-72B3s near Debaltseve. Separatists themselves have put online tactical maps showing their advances against the ceasefire; and they were the ones who boasted in Russian nationalist magazine Zavtra on how they STARTED THE WAR. It were separatists who put online video of Chechen fighters arriving to Doneck in may; of Russian Duma’s Zirinovskij up-armored SUV being smuggled through closed borders from Russia; and how Russian army’s T-72B3s and BTR-82As with supposedly “Chechen” crews pass from Russia to Ukraine, all complete with GPS coordinates.

            I know you are not reading this — you’re being payed for posting prefabricated texts as fast as possible. This is to the other readers about whose this war of yours is.
            Search Russian youtube — it’s all there.

            Compromising evidence that the Russian fighters, Afghan and Chechnya war veterans, and regular Russian army units are the ones who lead war on Ukraine.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Did you know that in civilised EU we call out the police to deal with terrorists and invaders? What happened to the police in Donetsk and Lugansk? Why could they not deal with the “Russian invaders and terrorists”?
            After the Mumbai attacks by the Pakistani gunmen in 2008, did the Indian Army bomb Mumbai with tanks and artillery? No! They sent commandoes from New Delhi and this took them 3 days while the gunmen killed about 160.
            What happened to the Donetsk and Lugansk police? No wonder Ukraine has to import new police from the neo nazi riddled Galicia to terrorize “liberated” Donbass.
            Poor brainwashed robot Turek!

          • Ondřej Turek

            Yes, in civilized countries, we call police to deal with terrorists. But when the police is outnumbered, outgunned and outclassed, army comes to rescue.

            That’s what happened in Ukraine: Strelkov put together 52 (ex-) Russian Army Special Forces, forced the Police in Slavyansk to surrender and killed all SBU secret service agents. So, like in civilized countries, the army came to help.

            But it was repelled, for Strelkov’s SoF soldiers had anti-tank guided missiles and even anti-aircraft missiles they brought from looted army warehouses in Crimea.

            So, stand-off occured. And the rest is known history.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            What? Did all the Donetsk and Lugansk police surrender to just 52 “Russian terrorists”? Or did they join the rebellion themselves? What happened to the Ukrainian Armed forces in Crimea? How many joined the Russian Armed forces when Crimea returned to Russia? May be the Donetsk and Lugansk police did not like the US/EU stoogery of the Maidan Kiev government? Are you allowed to find out these things or is the SBU blocking the websites?
            Careful, I would not want you to be arrested as a separatist. Mummy and daddy US and Canadian robot will miss their baby robot Turek!

          • Ondřej Turek

            Would you stand up with PM (Pistolet Makarova in 9×18) against armor-piercing 7,62×54 RPK machineguns and 7,62×39 AKs?

            I’m bored finding the facts for you. You could find dozens of videos shot by bystanders on Youtube. Do so. Draw your own conclusions. I did.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            So the whole of Donetsk and Lugansk police just gave up? Not credible!
            How strange that hundred of thousands of Donbass refugees fled to Russia after Russia invaded them. This must be the first in human history. This really proves how much the Kiev US/EU stooges lie to the whole world and the RACIST EU/US/NATO accept these fairy stories for their own violent ends.
            Let me see: 400,000 Donbass refugees go to Russia after Russia invades the Donbass!!!
            How many millions of Ukrainian people still work in ENEMY Russia?
            Just how stupid do you think we are to believe the fairy stories of a Russian invasion of the Donbass???
            Poor brainwashed robot Turek!!!

          • now where are you to call us birthers, terrorists/molesters? You’re way out of your league. We don’t bow down to Putin, and we sure as frikkin crap don’t rely on propaganda like Putin does, nor do we throw people out of helicopters. And unlike you, we actually appreciate capitalist democracy, not some keynesian bullsh*t.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            I really think that the leaders of the US/EU/NATO gang are a bit too obsessed with being the “Masters of the Universe”. Western supremacism is such an ugly and dangerous concept and as British India, I do most strongly object to the screams of He-man “I have the powerrrrrrrr”!
            Why are you so obsessed with Putin? This will make you really ill, my friend!

          • Not obsessed, yet you obviously are! You call us supremacist, yet Russians are the ones feeling superior to others and above the law…how ironic!

          • Ondřej Turek

            And just fore you: quote from Igor Girkin a.k.a. Strelkov, SUPREME MILITARY LEADER OF PRO-RUSSIAN SEPARATISTS which proves that from the beginning, this was never about any “federalization” but always about “repeating the Crimean scenario” and stealing Donbas from Ukraine and making it part of Russia:

            »В тот момент я отлично понимал, что
            наедине Донецк и Луганск биться против укров не смогут. Тем более — при
            отсутствии собственной военной промышленности, дееспособного
            правительства из местных. А изначально я исходил из того, что повторится
            крымский вариант — Россия войдёт. Это был самый лучший вариант. И
            население к этому стремилось. Никто не собирался выступать за Луганскую и
            Донецкую республики. Все изначально были — за Россию. И референдум
            проводили за Россию, и воевать шли за Россию. Люди хотели присоединения к
            России. Российские флаги были везде. У меня на штабе был российский
            флаг и у всех. И население нас воспринимало под российскими флагами. Мы
            думали: придёт российская администрация, тыл будет организован Россией и
            будет ещё одна республика в составе России. И о каком-то
            государственном строительстве я не думал. А потом, когда понял, что
            Россия нас к себе не возьмёт (я себя ассоциировал с ополчением), для нас
            это решение было шоком.«

            My translation:

            »And I initially deducted from this that the Crimean variant would repeat — Russia would invade. That was the best variant. Even the population sought that.
            Nobody was going to act for Luhansk or Doneck republic. Originally, everyone was — for Russia!
            Even the referendum was for Russia, the fight was for Russia. People wanted to JOIN RUSSIA.
            Russian flags were everywhere. On my staff, everyone was wearing Russian flags.
            Even the recruits swore in under Russian flag. We thought: Russian government would come, the rearguard would be organized by Russia and the Russian republic will have one more state.
            About this arrangement, we didn’t even think.«

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Who is Girkin? The only Girkin I know is the building in the City of London. Would you like a photo? Who is Strelkov? He sounds painful!

            The only views that count are those of the 6.7 million people of the Donbass and if they will still accept federal rights from Kiev US/EU stooge government and save Ukraine from becoming a failed state like Yugoslavia, or Somalia, or Iraq.
            So much for the joys of “European values” of Kiev US/EU stooges. They must have meant from 1933 to 1945, not the Europe of 2015!
            Get a better answer from mummy and daddy robot from US and Canada. Run along, again!

          • Ondřej Turek

            How cute. Everyone east of Prague knows who Strelkov is. Self-proclaimed colonel of Russian GRU, 5-times Russian war hero, guy who stormed Crimean parliament and thus allowed Aksjonov to take Crimea and give it to Russia, glorious military leader of “Novarassian” Donbas separatists who conquered Slavyansk on Ukraine, fought his way to Doneck, formally led the counter-offensive against Ukraine with Russian army’s help and almost conquered Mariupol and then was recalled to Moscow and replaced by Zacharcenko because he wouldn’t allow Minsk-1 talks.

            Shut up about “millions of Donbas” people. People of Donbas want PEACE, not war. And it is your Russian separatist who are forcing the war to go on and destroy their homes by using them as shields for their attacks. Separatists themselves admit that they only consist of less than 15,000 men — what happened to your “millions”, heh, Russian liar?

            I know people in Donbass who live in fear every day that your beloved separatist would kidnap and murder them as they did to 5 protestant christian preachers. I know what it is to live under Russian Invader’s rule. Stalinist Russian rule.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Still haven’t answered. Is it because your hero “Petro” has said that federalism is a “foreign infection”. Have you told mummy and daddy robot from federal US and federal Canada? They will be very annoyed at you and you could be spanked! Naughty robot Turek!!!

          • Ondřej Turek

            I have answered you three times, Russian bot, and everyone can see that.

            That means that you’ve lost this particular propaganda war, because anyone who reads this thread will see how pathetic your lies and accusations are.

            No paycheck for you, unsuccessful troll.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            You have not answered. What is a “foreign infection”? I think the UK could do with federalism or we could lose Scotland. You can’t answer because your LIAR and RACIST mummy and daddy robot in the US and Canada can’t give you an answer. Poor spanked robot Turek. You have my sympathy!

          • Ondřej Turek

            So, when a white man dislikes another white man, it is racism?

            Or do you suggest that Russians are not white, but some above-humans, other race?

            You are the only racist here, sorry.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            As a golden brown bronzed British Indian I can see clearly that native, Russians, Europeans, “mongols”, Chinese and Japanese are all “white” people.
            But they look different, don’t they? You don’t like the mixing of blood, do you? Be honest! You will really hate London which is full of mixed race people: Indians with British, Africans with Europeans, Chinese with Indians, Every combination you can imagine. It must be a nightmare for “pure” blood anti Russian RACISTS like yourselves.
            Be honest, robot Turek! You are amongst the “superior and civilised” RACIST European leaders who have the same problem as you. Be brave and admit your prejudice towards the “mongol hordes” from the east!

          • Ondřej Turek

            No. After all, I am of Slavic genetical origins, exactly the same as Russians (even though this makes things worse, because Russians then claim that all Slavs like me “need their protecion”, read: need Russians to occupy and rule me “for my good and safety”).

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Interesting. You claim to be of the same Slavic origin as the Russians. I thought some experts in the Kiev US/EU stooge government claimed that Russians were not Slavs? It is good your are not fearful of the invasion of the “mongol hordes” from the East. You should convince the US/EU/NATO gang before they start WW3.
            The Russians do not like Nazis. Have they taught you how Ukraine was liberated from Russia in 1943 by the Soviets, when all of Ukraine was lost? Or perhaps the wrong side won for you? I was always taught WW2 history from the viewpoint of how the British really won the war with some help from the Americans. The Soviet Union was ignored.
            I wonder if you will be celebrating on 9 May or will you be arrested by the “European values” SBU?

          • Ondřej Turek

            These “genetical” things are nonsense only good for starting silly nationalist wars. For the last approx. 2000 years, everyone in Europe was mixing genes pretty much with everyone else, lest for the most remote locations. So, while historically, there used to be distinction between Russians and Russines, first ones being of Nordic descent through the Novgorod princedom while the latter of some other, id doesn’t matter anymore lest that various nationalists seek for “pan-slavic unions” and stuff like that and use it for starting wars. Nationalism is mostly silly.

            By the way, Russians were massively collaborating with Mongols — that’s how Moscow princedom gained so much power. Their would-be-car Ivan the 1st dubbed “Kalina” made a deal with the Mongols that he would be extorting tribute and crushing rebelions for them. That way, the primitive Moscow princedom was able to undermine and then, later on, conquer much more developed princedoms of Kyiv and especially Novgorod: Novgorod was super-advanced and even had a form of democracy/republic in 8th century! Anyway, Muscovites brought down other princedoms with mongolian help and when the mongolian empire weakened, stabbed them in the back with the help of Tatars of Crimea (yes, the same ones they fought against few centuries later), by would-be car Ivan the 3rd, they incorporated those princedoms into their would-be state and thus laid a basis for the would-be Russian Empire. But that’s just a note from history.

            In Czech Republic, we celebrate victory day 8th or 9th or not at all, nobody cares. That’s freedom, see? Anyway, the Nazis have really surrendered on May 8th, it just took until May 9th to complete the translation for the Soviets.

            And yes, I know about Soviet efforts on the Estarn front. I know about the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, when Stalin and Hitler were “best friends forever”. I know about Invasion to Poland, when Nazis and Soviets invaded the country together and when polish priests, teachers and officers fled before the nazis, they were rounded up, tortured and murdered by the Soviets.

            And I know about how the SOVIETS STOPPED US.ARMY SO IT COULND’T HELP PRAGUE uprising against Nazis. Prague was saved by Vlasov army, Russians who fought against Stalin with Wehrmacht, seing Stalin as the greater of the two evils, and then turning against Nazis. Vlasov army saved Prague and made it to the western frontlines, only to be betrayed by the West and handed over to the Stalin for execution. By the way, the British have betrayed Cossacks in the same way, disarming them and also giving them to Stalin for execution.

            Anyway, Soviets were so eager to “liberate” Czechoslovakia that they massacred tens of thousands of troops in a insanely bad led Dukla operation, then prevented the USA from liberating Prague although Patton’s tanks were in Pilsen just 100km west, let us bleed (if it weren’t for Vlasov’s army, Prague would be destroyed like Warzsaw) and then misused their “liberation efforts” to install Stalinist Comunism here in 1948 and keep destroying our country for the next 40 years.

            See, Stalin and Hitler were both equal monsters — and lot of people was just squished between the two evils and had to pick sides. And many who have experienced Stalin but not Hitler have welcomed Wehrmacht not because they liked nazism, but because they felt being liberated by Germans from the Stalin Terror. And that applies to many Ukraine folk who were tortured and starved to death and forced to eat their own kids by Russians before.

            History isn’t so black and white and while every Stupid could pick between shiny white and evil black, when you must pick between two dark-grays, it’s not so easy.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            “See, Stalin and Hitler were both (equal) monsters — and lot of people was just squished between the two evils and had to pick sides.”

            There is a lot of wisdom in your statement. A wise man would have the courage, strength and conviction to oppose both when they encounter them. I do not know about this drive for equality that dominates Eastern European thinking. This seems to be motivated by a wish to whitewash the crimes of Hitler. I think Eastern Europe needs the help of Western European historians to expose the crimes of Stalin without justifying those of Hitler.

            I will NEVER justify the persecution of today’s Germans for Hitler’s crimes and today’s Russian speaking Eastern Ukrainians in the Donbass for the crimes of Stalin. There leads the road to the same barbarism we condemn Hitler and Stalin for.

            I know WW2 did not end in 1945 for Eastern Europe or Soviet Union. That war ended in 1989 for Eastern Europe and 1991 for the Soviet Union. It is time that the US and Europe ended WW2 for the Russian Federation in 2015 by recognising and respecting their rights to freedom and taking up their place as an EQUAL strand of world civilisation.

            Yes, WW2 did end in 1989 for Eastern Europe. The bottom line is that at least there was an Eastern Europe left by Stalin and Communism. Hitler was an exterminator, as shown by his murder of 6 million Jews and 4 million others in gas chambers. It was not possible to be a Jew and a Nazi, or a brown Indian and a Nazi because of the racial theories of Hitler. Many nationalities and people could be Stalinist and Communist as long as they collaborated with that system.
            Eastern Europe did survive until the real end of the war in WW2 in 1989, but this required the victory of the Red Army in 1945. They should have left in 1955 when Austria was made neutral. Eastern Europe suffered the ravages of the cold war until 1989.

            I am glad that Eastern Europe won its freedom in 1989 without fighting the Soviet Union. I am glad that the 15 Soviet Republics won their freedom without fighting Russia. I hope they can build a better future for all their citizens, without mistreating their Russian minorities as in the Baltics.

            But I cannot condone and will vigorously oppose the anti Russian RACISM displayed by the US/EU/NATO/Kiev leaders, which has been truly exposed in their utter and callous disregard for the 6000+ dead in the Donbass and the rights of freedom, language, history, culture and self determination for the Donbass and Crimean people.

            I will not support a renewed nuclear standoff with Russia based on lies and the fact that the US/EU/NATO cabal refuse to consider the security interests of the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation has the right to its own security and the US/EU/NATO cabal must listen or there could be nuclear destruction of the whole world.

            Perhaps US/EU/NATO and Russia should seek mediation from the outside countries of China, India, Iran, South Africa and Brazil etc, to solve this little Atlantean/Eurasian dispute before the whole of the human race becomes extinct?

            Could we have a peace conference in Beijing, New Delhi, Tehran, Cape Town or Rio in 2015 to settle WW2 before WW3 starts? Rio seems a nice place, especially with the Olympics being staged there in 2016. Rio! A nice place to end World War two, finally and totally!

            It has been a pleasure conversing with you, Ondrej Turek!
            Live long and prosper.
            Happy Orthodox Easter!

          • Guest

            Ukraine fought with the Nazis… because of how utterly bad they were treated for centuries by the Soviets. Stop pretending you saved us from Nazi rule. The only reason they were pushed to it was because they wanted you out by any means necessary. Go figure. Read a history book and get your head out of Putin’s ass.

          • Ukraine fought with the Nazis… because of how utterly bad they were treated for centuries by the Soviets. Stop pretending you saved us from Nazi rule. The only reason they were pushed to it was because they wanted you out by any means necessary. Go figure. Read a history book and get your head out of Putin’s ass.

          • so you agree his chest is ugly, no? Isn’t that anti-putin? Pull out the stakes and matches, we have a heretic who needs to be burnt! Such is the way of Russian totalitarianism.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            As a single man, I would prefer to admire the beauty of a woman’s chest. What do you do, ur, in your free time? I have no idea of Putin’s preferences, but maybe you do after he turned you down?

          • so you are anti-Putin like the Feminazi group, P*ssy Riot. Gee, I thought you liked Putin, but it turns out you’re a lesbian f*g like the rest.

          • My, all this racism and propaganda swollowing you whole in the West. So tell me, WHY is it you come to the West again…? Why not stay in modern sophisticated Russia, where you can be free of all this Western dirt? If I were you, I’d also boycott the English language. It’s the language of your masters after all :)

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Is ethnic cleansing always your answer to difficult questions? As a British Indian I have very strong connections to multiethnic and diverse London. There are people from all over the world living here and making it the most vibrant World City leaving far behind the ghettoised cities of the exceptionally racist nation. Did you know that London has the highest concentration of mixed race couples in the world? Racists like you will hate it here.
            Fortunately, there are many fellow Londoners who have not fallen for the lies of their own media and it is a pleasure to live amongst them. As for Russia, I am planning to take my 6 weeks holiday there. It would be great to finally see the country that destroyed 2/3 of the Nazi divisions in Europe and so rescued civilisation itself.
            No wonder the western supremacists and racists hate Russia!

          • Ah, I totally missed this. :D
            Ethnic cleansing?! How did you even make that mental connection? Must be the Russian influence. That’s THEIR answer to everything. That or starving or raping nations into submission. I ask why stay in the West, London of all places, when it’s rife with the things you despise? It’s a simple question you have not answered. You praise London, but you at once call Westerners “supremacists”. I think it’s blatantly obvious you’ve been dragged through the mud by those precious Londoners you’d fein be counted one of. It boggles the mind how can one be so hipocritical. Enjoy your holidays in Russia; I totally dare you to go to Moscow and walk around after dark ;)

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Our US stooge leaders like PM Cameron are Western supremacists and blindly follow the US like some lost puppies. Fortunately, London has more independent people, like Mr Corbyn. It gives me hope.
            As for ethnic cleansing, what exactly do you think that Kiev US/EU stooge’s tanks, artillery and grad missiles are doing to the Donbass people? Clue: 1.5 million people have fled and 400,000 have gone to the “aggressor RF”.
            If you are still confused about ethnic cleansing then I suggest that you look up how the Serbian population of Krajina, who had lived there for 3 centuries, were cleansed by the Croation forces, again all backed up by the US/EU/NATO cabal. This gang sure do have some form, don’t they?
            Well, this time, it is RF and BIg Mummy Bear that is next door to the Donbass and I am sure the US/EU/NATO/Kiev forces are going to get a nasty surprise if they attack the Donbass forces again.
            Sadly, this kind of education can be very painful, as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam.

          • WW2? Are you kidding me? You’re a nutcase-loon. WW2 already, first, happened, and 2nd, it involved nothing of Cold War and Putin. I can’t even tell if you read and hear your own bologna arguments. Utter and complete bullcrap.

          • and what, may I ask, is it called when you’re anti-west? Is that really any better? At least we have reason for being suspicious of Russia. Your claims might have merit as to our media’s bias (to an extent), but it’s a long shot away from yours being any better, and if anything, yours is worse. Your sentiment is obviously manufactured and baselesss. Even in the west, while we own some media companies, we don’t have the levels of cronyism and censorship as they do in Russia. Go back to licking Putin’s fancy high-heels.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            I am not concerned about the media bias and ownership in Russia. I would not use Russian sources to find out about the problems of Russia, as I would prefer to confirm by multiple sources.
            I would hope that my birth country of India would adopt the best traditions of the west and other civilisations as they seek to become world leaders again. I have noticed that Russian media are rather good at exposing the bits of UK and US that the local stooge media ignore or gloss over. Very revealing!
            I am intrigued! When exactly did you get to see Putin, the great leader of the free (those countries not submitting to US/EU/NATO diktats) world, in high heels? You seem to have a rather intimate relationship with the Russian leader!

          • so you admit that the media in Russia is a crock!

          • What an asshole. Sorry, had to say it. You are calling these people racists (incorrectly at that) for your belief that they “hate all russians” (which is also incorrect. Disliking Putin does not mean disliking all russians) – and you respond by calling for the death of Ukraine? Talk about garbage.

          • Last time I’ve checked, we weren’t the ones taking down planes and causing deaths by invasion into a territory which, half of it, doesn’t even support Putin.

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Yes, the MH17 investigation. How is that coming along? When will the US, the exceptionally all-seeing nation, release the satellite pictures? I gather there is the matter of “national security” being invoked to hide the lies and propaganda of the US government and their loyal European stooges. Any news of the MH17 flight data recorders or have they been lost on Mars? It has all gone rather quiet on the MH17 front after the simultaneous lies were farted by the western government and billionaire controlled media, hasn’t it?
            What’s the matter, dearie? Too busy praying for regime change in Russia before the ugly MH17 truth comes out???
            As for invasions, when exactly was Kiev and Lvov bombed by the Russian Airforce? The Russians seem to be losing the ability to invade their neighbours properly!

          • even pro-Russia loons admit it was the rebels.

          • Bill Landreth

            Gosh with Russia being “Kremlin” and all you are really losing it to allow most of the world’s richest people to move to Moscow. I hope you and Allah are happy together I am Russian by blood and I can tell you I will continue to love art music and scientific inquiry all of which are forbidden by your holy books the.Koran and Hadith. Good luck but don’t bring your anti-community prejudice around me.

      • Gross

        The title of this story clearly states the intended research purpose… it does not try to compare western bots vs Kremlin bots… it proves that there is pro-russian bot network…
        Feel free to do your research on west and publish your results… Thats how it works…!

        • Vivek Nariyan (Yerevan)

          Naturally! Why do any research on the activities of “snow white” west? Why bother with such “fantasies” in an environment of the mass warmongering by the US/EU/NATO gang? We would not want to frighten the horses with that, now, would we? Better prod a nuclear armed Russia for fun. Never mind the nuclear fallout. Nothing better to do, eh?
          Just how gullible do they think we are???

    • In the end, our only means of defence is knowing how they work and help Twitter dismantle this behavior.

    • definitely; sadly the U.S. is doing the same. It’s amazing with just these otherwise-simple tools, you can find out which accounts are, indeed, bots.

  • Chris

    It would be interesting to find cases where lots of accounts are tweeting the same phrase, where you *don’t* think it’s a botnet, and compare that resulting graph against these Russian tweets. I think that would be an even more interesting comparison than the “and” experiment, since you want to contrast deliberate human meme-spreading against bot copying.

  • The Great Stalin

    And there we have it. The moral of the tale?

    Stay away from social media: most of it is unreal, State-sponsored and wicked.

  • TwitterBot

    “the accounts almost never interacted with other Twitter users through @replies or @mentions”

    What’s the point of these bots? How can anyone even see what are they spamming if all of their followers are from the same bot network?

    • Nussknacker

      To understand “what’s the point” one should have a clear understanding of how any state-sponsoured activity in Russia is being carried out.
      Main goal here is not to attract media and community attention, rather to show “customers” from Kremlin: “See? We pwned Twitter, one more great victory in cyberspace! Now give us another sweet and thick lump of state money for make more great victories come true.”
      This, actually, may be the only point for this all.

      • Lon Slon

        Why would the Kremlin want to sponsor a troll campaign that has no effect? If no humans are reading the bots, I am sure the Kremlin would not finance them.

        • BalmerHon60

          That’s a minor point about authoritarian governments though, a lot is done to appeal to Power (власть). Putin doesn’t do nearly as much as is popularly supposed in the US. Most people think he orders DDOSes, imprisons Pussy Riot, and attacks gays in the street. That’s not true at all — rather those things are done by patriotic hackers, eager judges, and nationalistic goons, eager to please Power.

          Sorta like how the NYT withheld the story of Bush’s criminal NSA until after the election.

    • Boris Ovchinnikov

      one of the their tasks is to occupy Now’s Trending list for Russian segment of Twitter

    • Corvin666

      You don’t have to do this to show up in search results and twitter feeds (including those seen by non-twitter users on websites). All you need to do is to mention keywords and hashtags.

    • passerby

      That action was stupid. My first thought was “bs someone wants to discredit Russia and keep ukrainians in their virtual world”. Those messages do not represent our (russia) opinion about those situations. But they fit with US/NATO/Ukraine propaganda against Ukraine people.

      sry for my english

  • […] Исследование опубликовано на сайте Global Voices. […]

  • Boris Ovchinnikov

    For even more accurate analysis, it would be good to build conrol random sample not from Twitter users around world, but from Twitter users writing in Russian. Patterns for Twitter usage and Profile completion may differ from country to country, as well as level of interconnections within one language/geographical group will be much higher, than for worldwide sample

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