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First #AskHamas Session Ends With ‘Some Interesting Results’

Hamas promotional image featuring prominent members

Hamas promotional image featuring prominent members, from left, Ismail Haniya, political leader of Hamas; Hamas spokeswoman Huda Naim, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Secretary of Hamas Bloc; Abu Ubaida, the spokesman for Hamas's military wing the Al-Qassam Brigades; Rahwi Mushtawa, co-founder of Al Majd, a forerunner of Hamas's military wing who spent 25 years in Israeli prisons

Hamas, the political party currently ruling over Gaza, is holding a five-day Twitter session under the hashtag #AskHamas. While most Western media outlets focused on the backlash the campaign generated, little attention has been paid on Hamas’ answers and statements themselves.

Hamas launched its account with a joke:

In its first session, Hamas spokeswoman Huda Naim, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Secretary of Hamas Bloc, answered several questions. Four more sessions are expected.

The following tweets are answers and statements selected by category:

On anti-semitism:

On gender equality:

She even went so far as accusing Israel of targeting Palestinian women:

On the wearing of the veil and choice:

On colonization:

On prospects for peace:

On terrorism, Al Qa'eda and ISIS

On Israel's illegal settlements:

Naim shared an infographic published by Middle East Eye and based on statistics compiled by AFP, Peace Now and BT'Selem.

On violence:

On the occupation and the blockade of Gaza:

On human shields:

Note: The topic of whether Israel and/or Hamas have used human shields is covered in a previous Global Voices Online post.

Finally, Hamas announced that the 2nd session will be with a Palestinian who spent 25 years in Israeli prisons:

  • Richard

    To the writer of this article, Joey Ayoub – how naive and blind can you be?
    A Hamas representative already stated in a speech before that they want to drink Jewish blood, Hamas encouraged the Palestinian citizens in Gaza to act as human shields both on TV. There is footage of those things on youtube and I can continue for days naming anti-human rights actions they committed.

    I’m absolutely astonished how you actually believe what they say is legit.

    • Richard

      *both on TV and by releasing propaganda signs and posters

    • Ben Lahmar Amine

      what are you talking about stop liying hamas resist the israeli occupation wake up people the media are washing your brain

    • Hi Richard, sorry I just saw your comment.

      Naive and blind about what? The whole post is basically an aggregation of Hamas tweets, not a commentary. People often complain that they don’t know how Hamas thinks. Well, here is Hamas itself telling you what it thinks. Feel free to believe what they say or not.

      You seem to be treating Gaza as some sort of homogenous entity where when someone farts somewhere, everyone knows about it and everyone agrees that farting is the best way to resist the Israeli government’s savagery. The reality on the ground is far more complicated.

      As to the Human Shields story, Israel has itself admitted to using human shields thousands of times. Incidentally, I covered it for Global Voices. Feel free to ignore the testimonies by Palestinians (I have a feeling that what they have to say doesn’t matter to you anyway), and focus on the Israeli sources themselves.

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