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Worst Drought In A Decade Hits Taiwan

8 municipalities in Taiwan started second stage water restrictions (orange) since Feb 26. CC BY-NC 2.0.

8 municipalities in Taiwan started second stage water restrictions (area in orange).

As a subtropical/tropical island, Taiwan usually covers with wetness and green. However, last year, there were only two typhoons, the island is now facing the worst drought in a decade.

Independent reporter Chu Shu Chuan reported that the storage of 12 major reservoirs is reduced to less than 50%, according to the Waer Resources Agency on its February 8 press release. 8 municipalities in Taiwan have started second stage water restrictions since Feb 26.

Chu's follow-up report highlighted that the storage of one of the major reservoir, the Shinmen Reservoir has dropped to 27% and the water supply of its major industrial users will be reduced by 7.5% from March 13.

If the drought cannot be eased when rains come in spring, the industrial parks in Taiwan may face the shortage of water that cannot be simply solved by adjusting the manufacturing schedules.

  • Hope these water shortages are not due to Global climate changes (Global warming/disturbances). Still Taiwanese multi-national corporations need not be concerned.

    I always admired the strength & the calibre of Taiwanese companies (My first Home computer, Laptop and Cellphone were manufactured either in Taiwan or by Taiwanese multi-nationals). With such reputation, many nations welcome the establishment of their branches because jobs get created and economy improves.

    The American/Japanese/Korean/Middle-East investors are investing heavily in India, Vietnam, Mexico, South America etc besides China… Also there are countries in Europe coming out of recession…Hence no need to be disappointed with Taiwanese Government whose primary responsibility is the welfare of its entire people.

    My humble thoughts:
    1. If another nation helped establish Taiwanese companies smoothly then it is a substantial proof (with high probability) that nation respects Taiwan and its companies.

    2. If a Taiwanese company successfully established branches and generating substantial revenue during the current regime, then even if a new regime takes over power than that company would still be able to survive. (This is true especially in a proven democratic nation) (It’s like a fledgling seed-plant taken care by a farmer which grows into a big tree. When he is replaced by a new farmer, it can still weather few scratches/breaking branches and still grow…as long as they are just picking the fruit and not cutting it down entirely).

    3. Due to transparency, security and speed with which information travels one need not be terribly concerned like in last century. (World watches instantly on internet what goes on. Even common people in another nation would not be happy with the bad behavior of their regime towards a multi-national that gave jobs and helped improve their economy)

    Since I did not know who to contact and for transparency, I made this comment for the sake of jobless.

    Peace :)
    Kal Gandikota

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