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Macedonian NGO Develops First Ever Android and iOS App to Battle Hate Speech

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Macedonia, Breaking News, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights

Macedonian Metamorphosis Foundation [1] has developed a first among mobile applications – an app against hate speech, aiming to bring information from this area to the fingertips of mobile phone users and help them battle this odious occurrence on the Internet.

The app, available for free download both Android [2] and iOS [3] users, was developed in order to more effectively combat hate speech online, enabling access to the latest news in this area, access to educational and expert resources, such as a library with e-books on the matter, interactive tutorials about the various opportunities for reporting hate speech, as well as participation in events related to the fight against hate speech through an integrated calendar.

The application [4], dubbed simply “Don't Hate”, is the first mobile app of this kind in the world and is currently only available in Macedonian and Albanian, while its creators do plan on developing it further for other languages and markets in the near future.