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Police Raid the Lesbians Who Trolled Russia's Leading Anti-Gay Politician

Russia's Attorney General hits the LGBT beat. Images by Kevin Rothrock.

Russia's Attorney General hits the LGBT beat. Images by Kevin Rothrock.

Being gay is dangerous business in Russia, but it’s especially risky when you troll the country’s leading opponent of gay rights. The owners of a St. Petersburg lesbian nightclub, raided today by police, are learning that lesson.

Infinity is a “girls-only” nightclub for “St. Petersburg’s most stylish young women.” On February 1, one of the club’s owners and several of her friends were flying from Moscow to St. Petersburg, when they spotted Vitaly Milonov, a lawmaker famous for initiating Russia’s crackdown on LGBT rights. Not fans of his conservative politics, the girls photographed themselves kissing one another in front of Milonov, and later posted the images online, where they became a viral sensation.

Milonov, kissing lesbians, and some guy doing a Nazi salute. All of Russia captured in a single photo.

Milonov didn’t find the stunt very amusing, however. He called the girls “crazy little morons” and said he was “ashamed for their parents, who raised such idiots.”

Two days later, on February 3, an anti-gay online community based in Moscow and St. Petersburg published a call to get Infinity closed down. The group posted instructions and a scripted complaint to be sent to the district attorney, demanding that police shut down the lesbian nightclub. Community members were also encouraged to appeal to Roskomnadzor, Russia’s state-run media watchdog, and federal anti-drug agents, based on claims that Infinity opens its doors to minors and operates as a center for illegal drug use.

The anti-gay group, called Moscow Isn’t Sodom and Petersburg Isn’t Gomorrah, claims that at least 524 of the club’s 30,000 VKontakte community members are underage, making the “propagation of homosexuality” a federal crime. Access to Infinity’s VKontakte group is restricted to members, making it difficult to verify accusations that it caters to minors.

Those who want the nightclub shut down are instructed to convey their concerns to police. “I have every reason to believe,” the scripted complaint reads, “that the promotional activities carried out at the lesbian club Infinity pose a serious threat to the physical and mental health of minors who manage to enter the establishment.”

The anti-gay group makes no secret of why it targeted club Infinity, citing the “kissing selfies” incident with Milonov on the airplane:

[…] именно сотрудицы данного клуба несколько дней назад устроили провокацию: на глазах у пасажиров самолета Москва-Петербург они стали демонстрировать свои извращенные наклонности, чем вызвали скандал в интернете.

[…] it was precisely this nightclub’s staff who staged a provocation a few days ago. Before the eyes of everyone on board a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, they demonstrated their perverse inclinations, causing a scandal on the Internet.

According to Vitaly Cherkasov, a lawyer at the Russian human rights organization Agora, police raided the club after receiving roughly 100 complaints from local residents about the supposed presence of minors and illegal drugs. Police have also called in for questioning the nightclub’s general director and social media administrator.

Cherkasov says Infinity’s owners believe the police investigation is tied directly to the “kissing selfies” incident earlier this month.

  • Jack C. Hall Jr.

    Roy Moore will be a perfect fit for the Russian Cabinet.

  • Inis_Magrath

    Vitaly Milonov sure is a moron. I thought Russia had a decent educational system? Clearly the country does not, or at least Vitaly Milonov never got a decent education. He is profoundly ignorant. And mean, too.

    • YouCannotHandleTheTruth

      Mammals evolve heterosexually… religious fággotry is insane.

    • Phyrexian

      Oh c’mon! Most people in Russia are fully aware that both gay and normal people are equal in their rights.

  • Floyd Wilson

    Coming soon to America.

    • Michael Smith

      I’d take that bet. This country (US) is becoming overwhelmingly tolerant towards same sex couples, both in the courts and in public opinion. If you expect things to swing the other way, don’t hold your breath. I’m not voicing support, that’s just the way it is.

      • Floyd Wilson

        I guess you missed the last election where congress took a giant swing towards christo-fascist authoritarianism.

      • Guest

        i think because

  • YouCannotHandleTheTruth

    You gaytheists and fágnostics of Al Qúeerda are no different than the hijab wearing dóuchebags.

  • 5topAmnesty

    They made their bed, they can LIVE IN IT.

    • Norman Dostal


      • 5topAmnesty

        I agree, one has to be a TOTAL IDIOT to be pushing the gay lifestyle on children in Russia. They should come here, where it’s CELEBRATED.

  • John H Newcomb

    There is no doubt that Russia really does hate the West and what the West stands for, such as universal human rights that include LGBT rights.

    Pew survey shows that Russia is the most homophobic country in the Europe region sample:

    Vitaly Milonov is Russian religious fascist who loves to fondle firearms while wearing tshirts proclaiming “Orthodoxy or Death”.


    • Guest

      Mr Milonov’s house is way more expensive than a deputy could afford on his salary.
      “When they talk about patriotism, you should know: they have stolen something” – Saltykov Schedrin.

  • dick_sakwrinkle

    Russian Orthodox bigots.

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