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Girl Draws Map of Palestine Using Israeli Bullets Collected from Around her Home

UPDATE: A reader has kindly pointed out that what is referred to in this post as “bullets” appear to be shell casings, not actual bullets. Thank you Will!

A Palestinian girls draws the map of Palestine using Israeli bullets. Photograph shared by @Palestinianism on Twitter

A Palestinian girls draws the map of Palestine using Israeli bullets. Photograph shared by @Palestinianism on Twitter

This photograph is making the rounds on social media today. According to Palestinianism, who has 21.8K followers on Twitter:

Palestinianism continues:

And adds:

There is no more information available about the identity of the girl, or where in Palestine she is from.


  • carolindenver

    I just read the small, wonderfully written book, Mornings in Jenin. Don’t miss this book! Carol

  • Steamdude

    A map of Palestine? Which part is Israel, and isn’t that the problem? I fear the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, especially in the progressive community. From seeing the Israelis as being blameless to seeing the Palestinians as being blameless, when neither side is.

    Neither side wishes to live in peace with the other. They each want to push the other to the sea. I feel sorry for this little girl, but I wonder what they teach her. Does see a Micky Mouse character on TV imploring little children to kill all the Jews? No kidding. I can post the link to the Hamas produced program.

    How can there be peace with both sides acting so irresponsibly, and how can it be helpful to not hold both sides accountable?

  • stannadel

    Israeli bullets? This is a fairy tale for the terminally naive.

  • Vera Gottlieb

    Jews always claim how concerned they are about children – obviously only their own. What kind of a future awaits this girl? Her youth is as good as ruined and no one could blame her for growing up biased against israel.

    • an Arab Jew

      Jews? all of them? is concern for childern or not is something with their genes?? as a peace activist I hope that racist and shallow popular detest for Israel won’t become synonym with the care for palestinians. this approach achieves the exact opposite. you can fight evil and the violation of human rights in this ongoing war, but you don’t do justice by hating a whole nation. or maybe this is a kind of a new antisemetic sect? no one can blame this little girl for being angry, but sure enough there are some people in the international community to be blame for distracting us from a solution! two states living safely side by side.

      • Vera Gottlieb

        The fanatics are seeing to it that a solution will never be implemented. When you have rabbis, among others, stoking the flames of hatred…one has to wonder.

        • Symon Hay

          I’d love to see what those rabbis said because I have covered the middle east for some time and that didn’t cross my path lately. Your argument is very one sided and not helpful. Even if there are rabbis that incite hatred, Israeli society as a whole and certainly jewish people don’t preach, teach, learn or thrive off of hate. Unfortunately the RULERS of Gaza do – it’s the heart of their power and has been the heart of violence in that region since before Israel was established. Just look at what the Hamas leadership did after a palestinian man attacked a bus in Jerusalem. How do you have peace with people who glorify and celebrate death and violence

          • Vera Gottlieb

            Israeli society as a whole would love to see Palestinians somewhere else. Otherwise, why insist on electing right-wing governments, why is Lieberman suggesting money be given to them so they move? Perhaps I should be more specific: Zionism giving Judaism a bad name…and then some.

          • Symon Hay

            yes, that’s why Palestinians living in Israel are granted Israeli citizenship while Israelis or for that matter, any Jew, would be murdered in Gaza. I have lived in both places and the real root of all the problems are not the people or the societies – but their rulers. Lieberman is no different than most Hamas rulers but in a democratic society you can have men like him voted in – but the majority of the knesset is not right wing like him and has the ability to keep him in check. HE may have made that offer but Israel did not.

          • Vera Gottlieb

            I am not exactly impressed with your ‘democratic’ Apartheid state.

          • Symon Hay

            I’m Canadian moron.
            Love the ignorance you portray. I’ve lived in both places and certainly wouldn’t call Israel an apartheid state. Far from it. Unfortunately I’ve never met anyone who has used the term that has actually ever BEEN to Israel, let alone Gaza. I would bet you haven’t either. You’re probably an American who’s never left their State.

          • Vera Gottlieb

            Do you mean you are a Canadian moron??? For being Canadian, you certainly aren’t very polite. I happen to be Canadian too…

          • Symon Hay

            yes exactly what I meant to say. You Vera Gottlieb are a Canadian moron.

          • Vera Gottlieb

            Your utter lack of politeness makes me believe you are originally a Yankee. Go home.

          • Symon Hay

            Ignorance is what continues war and violence and your ignorance in such important subjects is adding to that – not helping it as you think you are. Do you know an Israeli, one? do you know a Palestinian – just one? I really don`t think so. So you know, I am born in Canada but I am Iraqi. My family had to escape through Kurdistan on fucking camels so they wouldn`t be killed (this was the 1950`s). And you know what – NOTHING’s CHANGED! why? because people like you keep blaming everything on Israel. The scapegoat and the reason why no arab countries have taken responsibility for their own issues. Arab countries must stop blaming others and stand up and say when things are wrong and when things are right (not the people, the governments). Israel is far from perfect and makes a hell of a lot of mistakes. But I find it unbelievable when there is such hyprocrisy and people like you ignore it. As an example Hamas has repeatedly called Israel an apartheid state (like you did) and used the past summer’s war for instance as an example. They will talk about indiscriminate bombings and how disgusting it is that Israel would bomb civilian areas. Yet noone,, not you, not any of their own people, not any other arab country, holds them accountable for the fact that they fired weapons from heavily civilian areas and WORSE – noone holds them to account now when they are supporting Hezbollah, who is fighting Assad’s war in Syria who JUST yesterday bombed civilian areas around Damascus. Hmmm let’s see – take israel to criminal court for a war that killed 1500 (and i`m not minimizing that – that is a sick number and should never have happened) in bombings in civilian areas but say NOTHING about a war that has killed 250,000 – or worse – make the israeli’s look worse than the Syrians, IS, Al Qaeda, Somalia, etc etc.. I`m not interested in making you look like a fool, I am interested in you seeing the truth and helping make this world better. commenting the way you comment doesn`t do that

          • Vera Gottlieb

            I am ashamed of my Jewish background. Enough said.

          • Symon Hay

            You should be more ashamed of your ignorance and the fact that you are duped by thugs into blaming one side for all bad

          • Symon Hay

            724 votes? good one Vera. You managed just over 1.5% of the votes in your riding. Hilarious!

          • Vera Gottlieb

            Smart ass! And how many votes did YOU garner? At least I participated while you sat on your fat ass.

          • Symon Hay

            Politeness? but you trolling on websites to spew diatribe based on opinion not fact is polite? Come on. you’ve never left the Okanagan Valley -what the hell do you know about the world? Yet you comment as if you are THE go to person.

          • Vera Gottlieb

            Not that I ow you any explanations but…I have lived in South America, North America and Europe…and I wasn’t exactly born yesterday. And I am fairly well traveled in the Western world. I think I am still entitled to express my opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree or better yet, don’t read my postings. You strike me as a male chauvinist.

          • Symon Hay

            not even close. Would say I am more feminist than chauvinist. People are always entitled to their opinion (it’s why I live here and not where I am from where my head would be cut off already). But opinion should be based on real fact, not hearsay or ‘i think’.

          • ian

            Please refer to rabbai Ovadia Yousef

          • Symon Hay

            I know him – and herein lies the most important fact. when he preaches hate he is called out on it – not just by the world, not just by his enemies but by his own people – From Wikipedia:
            What has been called “hate speech” on his part has been condemned by the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League.[12][13]
            both the AJC and the ADL are basically jewish organizations yet they will SAY something when it is contrary to human and/or jewish values.

  • Symon Hay

    Before you pass around untrue stories, how do we know they are Israeli bullets and not ones belonging to the family, let alone Hamas or the Qassam brigades or the PFLP or Islamic Jihad

    • Vera Gottlieb

      Blame everyone else except yourself.

      • Symon Hay

        I’m not blaming anyone – you are.

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