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Australian Police Arrest Activist Wearing ‘I'm With Stupid’ T-Shirt

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I'm With Stupid [1]

I'm With Stupid – image courtesy Judi Jabour ‏@judi_jabour tweet

In Queensland, Australia, online activist Iain Fogerty, who runs a parody Twitter account of the state premier, was arrested and “charged with public nuisance [2]” after standing next to campaigners in Brisbane during the first week of the state election campaign.

Fogerty pokes fun at Queensland State Premier Campbell Newman with his @can_do_campbell [3] account, imitating the politician for humour and satire.   

Wayne Jansson aka @Jansant, an Australian citizen journalist and photographer, summed up the feelings of many on social media about the arrest on 8 January 2015:

@EnviroStudent also made the connection with the tragic events in Paris and the @JeSuisCharlie hashtag:

Fogerty was waving next to a group of people campaigning for the governing Liberal National Party when he was arrested, the Guardian reported:

It was no surprise that the #imwithstupid [7] hashtag has trended on Twitter.

Inevitably, Campbell Newman became the butt of Photoshop parody:

The premier is wearing the cap:

Queensland police commissioner Ian Stewart found himself defending his colleagues actions:

Earlier in the day he had tweeted:

This image from Atom Smasher was tweeted several times:

Stupid T-shirt sign

Stupid T-shirt sign – courtesy Atom Smasher (atomsmasher.org/construction)

Anyway, as another cliché puts it: “If you didn't laugh, you'd cry!”