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10 Things to Love About Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

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Christmas [1] isn't quite over yet, but Trinidad and Tobago is already in the throes of its Carnival season [2] – that frenetic period of masquerade, soca, celebration, creativity and revelry that some say is unmatched by any other carnival in the world [3].

One blogger is thrilled to bits that the much-anticipated Carnival is here again – Trinidad Carnival Diary [4], who takes her moniker from the festival itself. Over the years, her posts has evolved from a small mas’-lover's blog to a full-fledged website that is regarded as one of the authorities on all things Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. She's done a delightful post [4] outlining 10 reasons people love the festival so much. It's worth a read, but to whet your appetite, it involves infectious music, an incomparable sense of freedom, lots of partying with kindred spirits, incredible costumes and a real sense of togetherness.