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National Conference on Internet Governance in Ecuador

Categories: Latin America, Ecuador, Citizen Media, Governance, Technology

The International Center of Research in Communication for Latin America (CIESPAL [1], by its name in Spanish), the Association for Progressive Communication (APC [2]), Association of Free Software of Ecuador (ASLE [3]), Infodesarrollo Network [4], the organization Free Libre Open Knowledge Society (FLOK [5]) and the Latinoamerican Agency of Information (ALAI [6]) are hosting the National Conference on Internet Governance with the purpose of discussing the situation of Internet governance in Ecuador, regionally as well as globally. A number of national and international experts are part of the meeting:

National Conference on Internet Governance – Ecuador > November 27, 2014.

According to the schedule [11], during the event there will be discussions about Internet access, infrastructure and content with the participation of experts such as Pilar Sáenz [12] (Fundación Karisma [13]) and Carlos Correa [14] (Creative Commons Ecuador and Technical Private University of Loja), among others. The moderator will be Pablo Escandón [15] (CIESPAL). The second session, moderated by Valeria Betancourt [16] (APC [17]), will be about surveillance, privacy and security on the Internet, with experts such as Renata Ávila [18] (Web We Want [19]) and Pilar Sáenz. Marcelo Branco [20] (Free Software Association, Brazil) opening the event. Julián Assange will close it with a reflection about the implications of governance on the Internet for Latin America.

The event is free and will take place on November 27, 2014 at Av. Diego de Almagro N32-133 Andrade Marín, Quito. You can sign up here [21].