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‘Coup Today, Gone Tomorrow’ and Other Hilarious #FakeArabProverbs

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Lebanon, Libya, Humor
"When in Beirut, do as the Parisians do," tweets Khaled Bey under #FakeArabProverbs. Photo by:  Charbel Torbey. Copyright: Demotix [1]

“When in Beirut, do as the Parisians do,” tweets Khaled Bey under #FakeArabProverbs. Photo by Charbel Torbey. Copyright Demotix

Reading about the Middle East can be upsetting or tiresome. To help alleviate your pain, Arab Twitter users have launched the satirical #FakeArabProverbs [2] campaign.

Echoing the dark humor of the #PalestinianPickUpLines [3] of last year, #FakeArabProverbs broadened its range to include lighter topics as well, such as marriage, food, family and the usual stereotypes associated with the Middle East and North Africa.

So sit back and enjoy. We hope that these pearls of Arabian ‘wisdom’ brighten your day.

Hend from ‘@LibyaLiberty [4]‘ started it with the following tweet:

The following is a hilarious selection of some of the best ones:

For more of these, just follow the hashtag #FakeArabProverbs [2].