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World Forum for Democracy Will Discuss “Youth and Democracy” in Strasbourg, France

Categories: Western Europe, France, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Governance, Ideas, Youth

WFD 2014 [1]The third edition of the Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy [1] will kick off next week in Strasbourg, France. 
The topic of the debates [2] organized this year from Nov. 3 – 5 at the seat of Coucil of Europe will be: “From participation to influence: can youth revitalise democracy?”. The various labs will be live-tweeted under the hashtag #CoE_WFD. You can also follow the Council of Europe Twitter account @coe [3], and the dedicated blog [4]. The debates will take various shapes.  Various unconferences during the forum will report their findings on Nov. 4. The insights gathered during the World Forum meetings will be integrated in the future projects of the Council of Europe [5] and its partners in the field of democracy and democratic governance. Furthermore, the Fringe Program will offer numerous events from conference and meetings to film festival and artistic performances, in various venues throughout the city from Nov. 1 to 9. Three Global Voices contributors will attend the forum.