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A Mouse Amidst the Mist

Categories: Western Europe, Spain, Citizen Media, Environment, Photography

First thing in the morning, amidst the mist that populates the waves in the township of Guetaría [1], a typical fishing village in the shores of Guipuzkoa [2] (Basque Country), we can discern the shape of Mount of San Antón [3], which as we can see on J. G. del Sol Cobos in this image from this group blog [4], resembles a mouse. All along the rough way up, we have one of the best sights of the Basque Country. There is even a lighthouse on top that integrates the landscape and makes us think of the traditional lifestyle in this area of Northern Iberian Peninsula.

This so well-known shape in Guetaría connects through a tombolo [5] (branch that gets two parts together) with solid ground, and from different point of view will look as the tail of a rodent.

Image by of the Guetaria Mouse from Zarauz, Guipuzkoa, Spain.

After some research about the history of this natural park surrounded by the Cantabrian sea [14], we know that until the 16th century it was an island. Today, it's a famous spot in Guipuzkoa, where we can find plants and trees as native as exotic, besides a fantastic panoramic view of the coastline.

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This post was part of the twenty sixth #LunesDeBlogsGV [16] (Monday of blogs on GV) on october 27, 2014.