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It's Blog Action Day: Let's Talk About Inequality

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Photo by Flickr user duncan c. CC BY-NC 2.0 [1]

Photo by Flickr user duncan c. CC BY-NC 2.0

Today is Blog Action Day [2] — and this year we're joining pens, pads and keyboards to discuss inequality.

Blog Action Day has existed since 2007. It's a yearly event that sparks awareness and important discussions by uniting thousands of bloggers, focusing on one theme, and reaching a collective audience of millions. Over 1,500 bloggers have joined the initiative this year, coming from over a hundred different countries.

Have a thing or two to say about inequality?

Then participate in #Blogaction14 by registering your own blog [3]. Write in any language, from any country. Also remember that a blog is a wide definition: Vlogs, podcasts, photos, design and social media sites all count. On Twitter, keep an eye on the hashtags #Blogaction14 [4]#Inequality [5] and #Oct16 [6]

Global Voices’ compilation

Once again, Global Voices is an official partner [7] of the event, and some of our great contributors have joined in with their personal blogs. See their posts below: