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Security Risks Exposed at Amusement Park in Dhaka

Categories: South Asia, Bangladesh, Breaking News, Disaster, Economics & Business

During the Eid holidays, Carnival Park [1] at Jamuna Future park welcomed a large number [2] of visitors. On October 7, 2014, one of its attractions, the 360-degree shuffle ride, stopped in the middle of a ride. Everyone on-board was stuck in their seats for about an hour. The ride had no emergency backup system, preventing a normal shutdown, delaying the release of its riders. Rescue workers had to free every individual manually, in a rather painstaking process.

Facebook user Sultanul Nahian Hasnat [3] was present at the mishap and later uploaded to Facebook two videos (click her to watch the 1st [4] and the 2nd [5]), which went viral. These are now available on YouTube, also.

There was no mention of this incident in the local mainstream news.