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Non-Japanese Who Stayed in Sendai After 3.11 Earthquake Walk for Recovery

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Despite being uncertain of what the future might bring, dozens of non-Japanese people decided to remain in their adopted home of Sendai [1], a coastal city located in the north of Japan hit by massive tsunami triggered by the earthquake of March 11, 2011 [2].

Sharing the footsteps to recovery, those standing together with the locals will join the parade “Da-te-fes [3]“, a walk  on September 28th with Sendai residents of ten different nationalities dressed in traditional kimono.

Participants will include geisha, a bride and bridegroom, and traditional dancers [4] who succeed the moves from 17th century.

With support from Finnish Wellbeing Center Project [5]in Sendai, the parade looks to boost the welcoming mood for upcoming UN  World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction [6] in next March, and let the residents know about the conference. 

Learn more about Sendai on Tourism Sendai's Facebook page [7].

Image of geisha walk. Photo provided by Yumi Nakano [3]

Image of geisha walk. Photo provided by Yumi Nakano