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A Japanese Man Pops the Question With the Help of a Dancing Flash Mob in Osaka

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Screenshot of a viral flash mob marriage proposal in Japan. [1]

Screenshot of a viral flash mob marriage proposal in Japan.

This viral flash mob marriage proposal in Osaka Station will leave you blinking back tears, and wondering if she'll “yes.”

The translated title of the video is “Flash Mob Surprise Proposal at JR Osaka Station.” The video has racked up nearly a million views since being posted on YouTube.

The video starts out with a couple sitting at a table on a plaza at Osaka radio station. A crowd of people are passing by as the couple chats quietly. Suddenly, passers-by start to freeze in place, catching the attention of everyone in the square.

Soon, a crowd of people is dancing to the tune of Louder [2] by Philippine pop star Charice [3].

When the man sitting at the table joins in, his female companion is mystified, until she herself is pulled up onto the read carpet. 

The man proposes and the woman (spoiler warning!) accepts, with much weeping among the onlookers, whether they are part of the pre-organized flash mob or not.

The innovative approach to marriage proposals is the brainchild of Osaka events and promotion company Emotion Rise [4], which has so far organized more than 300 flash mobs [5].

A lot of the flash mob proposal and events organized by Emotion Rise can be viewed on their YouTube channel [6].

Thanks to reader @FromNazWithLove [7] for pointing out Charice is from the Philippines, and not Japan!