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‘New Tactics’ Makes a New Digital Toolkit for Activism Strategy

Categories: Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Human Rights, Rising Voices

New Tactics logo from their website

New Tactics [1]has just put together a strategy toolkit [2] for organisations — especially those working in human rights — looking to build their strategic and technical capacities.

A program of the Center for Victims of Torture [3], New Tactics is an NGO working to support human rights defenders around the world. Their work includes sharing resources, training, and building an online community. As they say on their website [2]:

Creating change is challenging. If we’re clear about where we are starting from, where we want to get to, and the path from one to the other, we’re more likely to get there.


Strategy Toolkit logo from the New Tactics website.

Available in both English [2] and Arabic [4], the toolkit is oriented to both new and seasoned activists, and is organised into five steps:

Each section includes videos, worksheets, and exercises to help the user move through the process.

They are also looking for people to share both tools and feedback — within each of the five steps there is space for contributions. The toolkit is ongoing, and New Tactics hopes to continue adding new elements.