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Brazilian Presidential Candidate Eduardo Campos Killed in a Plane Crash

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Official campaign banner for the presidential election. [1]

“We are crying and in mourning for the death of our leader who could have changed Brazil.” Banner from the Facebook of the PSB branch in Franca, São Paulo.

Eduardo Campos, 49, died [2] today at 10:15 a.m. in a plane crash in the city of Santos, São Paulo. The former governor of the state of Pernambuco was a presidential candidate in elections set to be held in October.

The private jet crashed [3] as it was preparing to land in bad weather, killing Campos and the six other crew and passengers.

Campos placed third in the polls, running for the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB). Campos died on the same day, Aug. 13, as his grandfather Miguel Arraes, one of the most prominent socialist political figures of Brazilian politics in the 20th century.

He leaves a widow, four sons and a daughter.

His death was a shock for many in the country, which has been rocked by anti-government protests throughout the last year. People reacted and offered their condolences on Twitter: 

From north to south, Brazil is shocked by Eduardo Campos’ death

I can't believe what has happened to Eduardo Campos, Brazil is shocked, my God! What the hell, this happened

I am shocked by Eduardo Campos’ death. Immense loss. I have no words.

Eduardo Campos was a great fighter of democratic causes. I am shocked. This is a very sad day.