Israeli Army Whistle-Blower Gets Arrested After Posting ‘Israeli Troops Killed Gaza Civilians in Revenge’ on Facebook

Eran Efrati

Eran Efrati

Former combat soldier and company sergeant of the Israeli army turned whistle-blower Eran Efrati, aged 28, was arrested by the Israeli authorities and questioned concerning his research regarding the use of illegal weapons in Gaza.

On Tuesday, July 29, Efrati announced on Facebook that he received information from sources within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) revealing what he claims to be the real reason for the Shuja'iyya massacre which occurred nine days prior on July 20: namely that civilians were targeted and killed by Israeli soldiers as punishment for the death of soldiers in their units.

In recent weeks I was on the border of Gaza and getting reports from soldiers in the Gaza Strip who leak information out to me. I am in the process of publication of two big stories in major U.S. newspapers, but there are some things I can share with you right now: Soldiers in two different units inside Gaza leaked information about the murdering of Palestinians by sniper fire in Shuja'iyya neighborhood as punishment for the death of soldiers in their units. After the shooting on the Israeli armored personnel carriers, which killed seven soldiers of the Golani Brigade, the Israeli army carried out a massacre in Shuja'iyya neighborhood. A day after the massacre, many Palestinians came to search for their relatives and their families in the rubble. In one of the videos uploaded to YouTube, a young Palestinian man Salem Shammaly calls the names of his family and looking for them between the ruins when he is suddenly shot at in his chest and falls down. A few seconds after that, there are two additional shootings from snipers into his body, killing him instantly. Since the video was released, there was no official response from the IDF spokesperson. Today I can report that the official command that was handed down to the soldiers in Shujaiyya was to capture Palestinian homes as outposts. From these posts, the soldiers drew an imaginary red line, and amongst themselves decided to shoot to death anyone who crosses it. Anyone crossing the line was defined as a threat to their outposts, and was thus deemed a legitimate target. This was the official reasoning inside the units. I was told that the unofficial reason was to enable the soldiers to take out their frustrations and pain at losing their fellow soldiers (something that for years the IDF has not faced during its operations in Gaza and the West Bank), out on the Palestinian refugees in the neighborhood. Under the pretext of the so-called “security threat” soldiers were directed to carry out a pre-planned attack of revenge on Palestinian civilians. These stories join many other similar ones that Amira Hass and I investigated in Operation Cast Lead. The death toll that continues to rise is steadily reaching the numbers of the massacre of 2009.
More than 1,100 have been killed in Gaza, at least 80 percent of them civilians. Today it is cleared for publication that at least 4 soldiers were killed by a rocket in a gathering area outside of Gaza, and another soldier was killed in Gaza. They join 43 soldiers that have already been killed. We know that more acts of revenge will come soon and it is important that we not stay silent. This is the time to take to the streets and to social media. Demand from your representative wherever you are to stop supporting this massacre and to immediately boycott the state of Israel until the occupation ends, the blockade is lifted and Palestinians will be free. We all want to be in the right place at the right time when history knocks on our door, and history is knocking in Gaza right now. You need to decide on which side you want to go down in history.

In addition to being arrested and questioned, Efrati had both his Facebook and email accounts blocked and apparently received death threats aimed at keeping him silent. He wrote:

In recent days I was arrested by authorities and questioned about my research regarding the use of illegal weapons in Gaza, my mail and Facebook accounts were blocked, And I received strong hints that my life is at risk and I need to be silent and keep low. But I'm not going anywhere. 
They may close my communication channels again,but that does not mean I'm not here, I'll find a way to get the information out to you,and I trust you will echo it on, go down with it to the streets ,And demand your representatives, your government to stop funding the slaughter in your name,to boycott Israel and to stop the bloodshed in Gaza. The whole world is watching now, history is being made.
I'm counting on you.

The Shuja'iyya massacre took place during intense fighting between Hamas forces and the Israeli military. The killing resulted in the death of 72 Palestinians, among whom 17 were children. It also resulted in the death of 13 Israeli soldiers.

The video of the wounded Palestinian who was shot by a sniper was released by the International Solidarity Movement and can be viewed below. [Warning: The video is graphic, viewer's discretion advised.]

The massacre was described by Amnesty International as tantamount to possible war crimes:

The continuing bombardment of civilian homes in several areas of the Gaza Strip, as well as the Israeli shelling of a hospital, add to the list of possible war crimes that demand an urgent independent international investigation, said Amnesty International.


The Israeli military said that Shuja’iyyeh, a densely populated area with some 92,000 residents east of Gaza City, had been targeted because it was a “fortress” housing rockets, tunnels and command centres. Israeli military and government officials have repeatedly said that civilians were warned to evacuate the area days before it was attacked.

However, many civilians in Shuja’iyyeh and other areas did not evacuate because they had nowhere to go. All the UNRWA schools and other facilities opened as shelters are overflowing. Issuing warnings to evacuate entire areas does not absolve Israeli forces of their obligations to protect civilians under international humanitarian law.

“The relentless bombardment of Shuja’iyyeh and other civilian areas in the Gaza Strip, as well as the continuing indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel, demand urgent international action to prevent further violations. The UN should impose an arms embargo on all sides, and all states should immediately suspend transfers of military equipment to Israel, Hamas, and other Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip,” said Philip Luther.

Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders accused Israel of indiscriminate bombing:

“While official claims that the objective of the ground offensive is to destroy tunnels into Israel, what we see on the ground is that bombing is indiscriminate and that those who die are civilians,” said Nicolas Palarus, MSF’s project coordinator in Gaza.

At the time of writing, Israel's “Operation Protective Edge” has claimed the lives of more than 1,650 and wounded nearly 9,000 Palestinians. Israel says the assault is targeting Hamas for firing hundreds of rockets across the border into Israel. Seventy-five percent of the Palestinians killed in this offensive have been civilians. Since the offensive started on June 8, 62 Israeli soldiers have been killed in fighting in Gaza, and three civilians killed and around 400 injured in rocket attacks in Israel. 

Besides being a member of Anarchists Against the Wall and the pro-BDS Boycott from Within, Efrati was a member of Breaking The Silence*, an Israeli NGO comprised of former IDF soldiers whose aim is “to raise awareness amongst the public about the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories.”

Here's a lecture he gave in Colorado as part of The Soldier and the Refusenik U.S. tour with Maya Wind a few months ago:

This is Israel's third military operation in Gaza in 6 years. Israel has bombed residential neighborhoods, schools, a playground, hospitals, shelters and refugee camps. On July 28, Israel attacked the only power plant in Gaza, plunging the congested strip of 1.8 million people into darkness. UN shelters are struggling to accommodate more than 250,000 Gaza residents who are fleeing the violence or whose homes have been destroyed by bombings. Six UN shelters have come under attack by Israeli forces. Excessive restrictions from Israel in the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank is why most of the world and the United Nations considers this territory “occupied” by Israel. 

[*Editor's note: An earlier version of this story said that Efrati is a member of Breaking The Silence. He is no longer involved in it and has not worked with this organisation for four years.]

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  • FoonTheElder

    Apparently many Israelis thought that the only problem with centuries of pogroms and apartheid in Europe was that it was against Jews. It looks like they have no problem with it when it is against other groups.

    • Nancy Huckle


      • ShahinTr

        So has God gathered them or Benjamin Netanyahu? What religion do you follow, certainly ain’t Judaism, it’s Zionism. Do your research fool, blind in your own religion.

      • Beverly Slapin

        Nancy, I did not know that it was supposed to be God who would gather us and that indeed, God did. I must have been out of town. I always thought that our people were supposed to wander the earth until our Messiah came to get us. Has that actually happened?

      • dj

        mate, before you shout at ppl and start calling every one stupid, why don’t you try reading the Jewish scriptures.
        and if you happen to read, You will clearly find that making an Israeli state is not permitted.
        Get your facts rite

      • Francesca

        Actually Israel has only existed since the 1940’s before then it was all called Palestine if you look at an old world map. So get your facts right before you start talking s*** over the Internet! Thanks :-)

      • Sarantis Smg Tenebrae

        this is the most religious fundamentalist reply ever,ever bin laden would had been more secular looooool

      • Barbara Lieb

        Read the Bible???? If that’s your way of defending Israeli politics then I’m starting to understand that ancient attitude. Too bad the world has developped in the meantime. Fact is that the Israeli government is locking up a people and killing them. I call it genocide.

      • idc

        why should you believe what the bible says? it was not written in the torah was it? isnt torah your religous book? your religous book is not the bible. n lets not forget the bible was rewritten.

        oh heres alittle bit of info. jesus was crucified by the jews. so why believe what is written in the bible when you guys never the like christianity.

        • Mary

          A million and one lies just keep it up, BUT you young kids should correct your thinking on The crucifixion of Jesus. If you read in Any bible ; HE clearly states ‘no man takes my life. ‘ He laid it down for your sin, friend. Andrew Doan ex – hezbollah Iranian muslim saw Jesus . If you have any personal integrity look him up. Many Muslims believers in islam have been visited by Jesus. He loves you.

      • aqua

        Nancy, dont you realise that the “israelis” are not the real descendants of the ancient biblical israelites at all, in fact the palestinians are more likely the direct descendants. and besides the bible is not a historic document anyway its just fiction like a superman comic!!

      • Tony Diethelm

        The bible is fiction… I don’t take it as evidence of anything. Even IF that were true, I’m pretty sure one of the main Biblical rules is “Thou shalt not kill”. If Jews were meant to have Israel, the doesn’t mean they get to bomb Palestine…

      • da5650

        The problem is the bible is a fairy tale and cannot be relied on for accuracy

        • Mary

          Again. You must be sad with no hope of life everlasting life and a GOD that loves you.

          • Khaled

            You yourself believes that God died on the cross when Jews killed him. Either the person who was killed was not God or God died. If God indeed died, then how can he low us?

          • Mary

            Wow.. mixed up theology!! Jesus The Only begotten SON. DIED on the cross. He WILLINGLY GAVE His life. He only did what THE FATHER G-D desired. To show GD’S Great love for while we were SINNERS Messiah died for us. You, too if you can believe.

      • Naila Sahir

        Ha Ha Nancy Huckle I did’t know God was an estate agent aswell….. this is what I know that God gave to everyone in this earth for FREE …. It is men like Netanyahu and Obama who won’t leave other countries resources alone …. Seriously Stupid Argument ……………

      • raydar878

        Do some honest research as the bible is the greatest pathological lie ever assembled by messianic followers with an agenda for megalomaniac power and control. Besides, no book of such subjective insignificance and abhorrent obfuscation of facts could ever stand up to the scrutiny of incontrovertible evidence. So stop peddling a messianic myth scam and investigate why Zionists loathe religion and embrace colonialism

      • T Bennett

        Are you really trying to justify colonialism with religion? I can’t help but blush when I remember what my ancestors did the the Native Americans. For the sake of argument I’ll entertain you. Does the Torah say the Jews are given sole ownership to the land of Canaan? Or that they have the right to the land just because they are born Jewish? God’s covenant with the Children of Israel is a relationship built on their actions. You obey God, live righteously, don’t be oppressors, don’t pillage and kick people out of their homes, etc and you become ‘His People’. If you break the covenant you are cut off from God and lose all rights to the land. We see this in the destruction of the Second Temple and the Prophecy of David. The Jews are told to remain in exile until their messiah comes and leads them back to the promised land. Until that happens the Jews are forbidden from having sovereignty to any part of ancient Israel. So either show us the Messiah, convert to Christianity/Islam, or leave Palestine. If you still believe the Jews have rights to land after I tell you this because of their Jewish blood let me point out that Palestinians have just as much Jewish Semitic blood as their European colonizing neighbors through the Levants.

        • you don’t have any knowledge but the animal like Anti-Semitism, you want to tell that all people but not most old one,Jews has their own land,I don’t want ask every idiot along the road do i have a right to live at my native land,never never heard that canadians or normans ask anyone do they have a right to live where they have live

          • T Bennett

            Lol, oh look an ad hominem argument by a pro-colonialist. I don’t disagree with anyone claiming they have a right to live anywhere. I just have a problem with how you do it. E.g. Displacing your neighbor, taking his home and declaring it exclusively yours.

      • John Dickens

        Spare us this CRAP from the bible. What are you, the chosen people or the master race. Posting this shite reveals you as a lunatic.

      • Megan

        Israel was a tribe of Jacob. NOT European immigrants, IDIOT

      • Kimberly

        Learn to speak for yourself. I’m sure god doesn’t need a representative.

      • youkilledourchildren

        Even if you write in Caps, its pretty wrong, from the beginning till the end. For me, ppl like you, which defend those bastards, are also guilty, and you also have blood on your hands, for holding their hands!

        But never forget that, today Palastina, tomorrow other countries from middle east, and afterwards you, your family, and your friends will be their targets, cause Zionism have no use for other people, so think very well who is friend, and who is your enemy.

      • True American

        The bible was written by Jews so of course their going to claim the land belongs to them in certainly wouldn’t be the Indians or Africans. If you believe in God you better believe he can change his mind at anytime and whatever was written thousands of years ago doesn’t apply now. Any correlation of events in the world to book can be traced back to humans trying to force the writings on their hand, not a act of God.

      • Al Pacino

        Nancy your idiot! Read your bible author by Satanyahu!

      • Deborah Beaudoin-Zaki

        Oh please put your nursery rhyme book back and get out of occupied Palestine territories. All you Zionists are is thieves!

      • Joseph Legere

        lol, the bible is “serious truthful research”?

      • JewInExile

        The same mentions that the Jews sinned and the land was stripped away from them. They (I, we,) are in exile now until God returns them, not until a military does.

      • Karinrinkashi

        Using Bible to defends the Jews? Didn’t the Jews kill the Christ?

        Also, this isn’t about Jews. This is about these Zionist pigs.

      • Khaled

        So you are coming up with a book full of errors and omissions which we do not believe anyways and are telling us that this book says that God gave this land to a group of people most of whom are officially atheist Zionists. How foolish can one end up reading that book?

      • spike spiegel

        take your fairy tales and shove em up your ass

      • Christopher Nye

        actually the Bible says you guys came from Ur
        so maybe we could give Iraq to the Israelis and call it a day?

      • patrick fry

        Rome, after turning Catholic, kicked the jewish people out of JUDEA and Jerusalem in the 600’s.

      • Sam Sal

        nancy, you seem to watch lots of fairy tales. i pity you girl. your point of view on this is despicable. you sound hypocritical when you act smart and teach ppl about searching for the truth. you seem to search in the wrong places. open up your eyes, this is not walt disney, stay grounded.

  • Mark Flanigan

    Absolutely shameful. What is even more shameful is that the US Govt supports this fanaticism to the hilt. It’s time to demand accountability from our leaders.

  • Chris McVey

    Time for Zionists to live up to their claim of being ‘chosen’. If their beliefs are real then their God doesn’t need MY money. There must be a reason they have been chased out of country after country for thousands of years and it’s hard to believe that they just happen to be a convenient scapegoat each and every time. Whose dove-selling and money-changing operations did Jesus disrupt outside of the temple? Yeah, you guessed it.

  • Chris Metzger

    irony: Israeli leaders being tried for war crimes and/or crimes against humanity. The defense of the generals?: We were just following orders. I’ve seen this movie before.

    Cut off the massive U.S. aid NOW, then you will see how quickly realistic negotiations will be considered. Until then, Israel will remain self-righteous and arrogant as long as they can play at the table with the unlimited flow of U.S. chips. And please, I am not an Israel-hater, an anti-Semite, or falling for the Hamas strategy hook, line and sinker, blah blah blah. I just think it is about time that our political hacks in DC become concerned about our country for a change, and how our blank check is being spent by enabling Israel to continue to proceed half-cocked.

    • Aer O'Head

      What’s really fun is the way the Israelis taunt us on “their” websites. I commented on the Jerusalem Post that I had called the president, my senator and representative to ask that they stop all funding for Israel, and suggested that if our government was so interested in sanctions against Russia, Iran and Cuba, perhaps it was time to put Israel toward the top of that list. The Post removed my comment, but before it did I received several replies to the effect that what Americans think is of no consequence because our government belongs to them. From all appearances, that’s quite true. I only wish our elected representatives could see how they talk about us, and how little consequence they attach to our citizens AND our government.

      • steve damon

        Our elected representatives know how they talk about us. They are craven sycophants hooked on campaign money that comes from you-know-where.

      • Kip McKay

        The idea that “Israel is our great friend and ally in the ME” is a complete sham. They use us as it suits their interests with no regard to how it might affect the US. I too posted mild comments on the JP and got vitriolic abuse in reply, before my comments were removed.

        • John Knowlton

          Spot on. I’ve always hated that line. “Israel is our only friend in the Middle East.” Funny because before Israel, we had no ENEMIES in the Middle East.

          • Kip McKay

            Right. We only have one friend in the Middle East BECAUSE of our unconditional support for Israel.

          • Zach

            Right. Because tyrannical governments that surround Israel feed constant anti-Israel propaganda to their masses so the masses don’t then turn on their governments. Until the Arab Spring. But Israel still makes for excellent scapegoating. But there’s no other society in the Middle East where a woman or a gay or a Christian can feel secure. And maybe that’s a good reason to support the Israeli government.

          • Beverly Slapin

            No, it’s not, Zach. A woman Palestinian or a gay Palestinian or a Christian Palestinian can not “feel secure” in Israel. No one can, as long as the so-called “Jewish State”maintains its racist, colonialist outpost in the Middle East and continues its genocidal warfare against the Palestinian people.

          • Zach

            OK, let’s deal with the issues one at a time. But I must say your invective is right out of the hate handbook and it’s so sad that you’ve been channeled in this way.
            First off, racist…what do you mean? Israel is the only country in the world to actually expend great resources to bring in 120,000 Africans into it’s country. Oh but I know, we did it because they were Jews. So we don’t credit for that, instead it’s points against us because it highlights our Jew-centrism. Yes. We are the only place in the world where a Jew can come to when they’re afraid of …people like you.
            Next point. Colonialist. Sigh. Do you know what a Jew is in Palestine or in Israel? What was called Judea before it was called Palestine (by the Romans). We are Judeans Beverly. We are called INDIGENOUS. We have returned here and ask any archeologist, be they members of the high or low dating club and they’ll all agree, evidence of Jewish settlement goes back here 2900 years! Now, if there’s another culture in the world that can prove it’s been anywhere for that length of time I’d like to know about them.
            Genocidal. Really, shame on you. Get a dictionary ok? Seriously. I’m sorry for you. Rwanda: Hutus against Tutsis…800.000 dead in a matter of months. Cambodia: Khmer Rouge against their own people!! millions dead! Kosovo. Darfur. But Gaza? Less than 2000 dead and we call people to tell them to move and drop leaflets. Get a grip. Oh sure, some bad apples start sniping, happens, it’s called WAR.
            Finally let’s deal with security ok? Do you know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East with a growing Christian population? Darn straight secure. Otherwise, since they’re the best educated sub-group in our country they’d leave! But they don’t, instead twice in six years my son’s pediatrician has been an Arab Christian. And now young Arab Christians have looked around the Middle East and guess what? They’re volunteering to serve in our army because they know where their bread is buttered. My son’s downstairs neighbors are a young Christian couple with two kids who moved out of the valley in Haifa and have integrated into a Jewish neighborhood. And they’re welcome. They went on SIX vacations to Europe last year! Of course he’s a lawyer.
            As for gays, of course they’d come to Tel Aviv, one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world and left-wing to the hilt-heck even you’d be comfortable there hanging out with the editors of HaAretz. And guess what? Even those editors know a just war when they see it and have backed our LIMITED incursion.

          • Diane

            You better go do some research on “oldest cultures.” Australia’s Aboriginals go back 75,000 years per DNA.

          • disqus_67cWkm5hqR

            Dear Zach — it is not my intent to interrupt your self-congratulatory pat on your back, but i think i should call a few wee facts to your attention. According to your own historical history and substantiated by archeologists, up until the 2nd century bc, the land that is now called “Israel” was Canaan, which was an advanced, peaceful, sophisticated agricultural and urban society. Canaan also developed a written language which is the basis of our modern-day alphabet. Additionally, they advanced medical knowledge and practices.
            The Jewish tribe of Joshua wanted their land. It is well-documented that under Joshua’s leadership his tribe attacked the Canaanites and murdered every man, woman and child. He renamed Canaan and called it Israel.
            Just 2 generations later in 58ad the Romans expelled all Jews from Israel. So No. The Jewish settlement in “Israel” doesn’t go back 2900 years. It barely inhabited the area for two generations.
            It really upsets me that you would try to “shame” Beverly. She is speaking the truth. You, on the other hand, are spouting Israeli propaganda.

          • Chaim Ostrov

            You all can argue from today until tomorrow, but the Jews are right now in Israel. We are not leaving. Thanks to all your hate; all Jews from Europe will be forced to move to Israel, for Europe was and always will be antisemitic. This past war has only increased the hate for ALL JewS. jEWS ARE NOW MAKING ALLIYA (REFUGE TO ISRAEL) IN RECORD NUMBERS. I PREDICT MOST JEWS AROUND THE WORLD WILL BE FORCED TO SEEK REFUGE IN ISRAEL THANKS TO ALL YOUR HATE. THIS WILL SOLVE THE ISSUE WITH THE PALESTINIANS, FOR JEWS WILL COME TO ISRAEL IN RECORD NUMBERS. MARK MY WORDS!

          • Vasco315

            Jews? Or do you mean European non Semitic bust out welfare seeking Zionists from Russia and Germany like the Ones the NAZIS made secret buddy buddy deals with and shipped there illegally?

          • Vasco315

            I should cite the factual evidence, in retrospect…


          • Chaim Ostrov

            You can spew all the hate
            God is with us jews
            The 6 wars prove it

          • Simian Droog

            What did WWII prove then?

          • Chaim Ostrov

            It proved the start of our great state.
            May God continue to support us.

          • Chaim Ostrov

            Think about it, the UN would never have agreed to a Jewish state without WWII.

          • Vasco315

            Thats another way where you are wrong. No Hate here! :)
            REAL Jews are a great people,Israel is a beautiful land.
            It’s the Ashkenazi Bustouts that are ruining Israel and Palestine. Obviously the settlers who live in shacks (until they can steal a Palestinian home. or the Gov builds them affordable housing) Fled Europe because they couldn’t make it back home..
            Wars? Hardly.
            67′ was a fluke, sneak attack without provocation,
            73, Egypt kicked their asses,
            06′, Lightly armed Hezbollah fighters whomped the IDF’s ass and sent them back home bloodied and bruised..
            Gaza right now? Street fighting … IDF retreat again. Israel can’t hold up in Conventional warfare head to head with an equally trained and armed army.
            I hope Zionism dies, so that peaceful Jewish people can begin living without the danger fake Jews created over there..

          • Chaim Ostrov

            Israel is a democratic country. Your always going to have individuals that spew hate that will be published. Every democratic country has there flaws published in a the free press. That’s what makes the Western countries superior. The fact that their mistakes can be made public. That’s what puts Israel ahead of all other middle eastern countries. Would Iran allow it’s own countries papers to write a defaming article on its own country? Never they would publicly execute the writers

          • spike spiegel

            tell me pal how much is the israeli foreign ministry paying you to troll?

          • Russell

            Shhh! Don’t leave intelligent comments! Believe what the media and the govt says! Why think for yourself they can think for you? (sarcasm in case anyone is confused)

          • Zach

            Oh really? Ever heard of the US Marine Corp hymn :”From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.”? The Barbary Coast pirates were among the first enemies of the United States and they were right here in the Middle East. Or did you not go to Middle School John KNOWlton?

          • Namenomnomnom

            Except that Tripoli is not in the Middle East. It is further west than Naples, Prague, Berlin and Stockholm. Or are those also ME cities on your map?

            I suppose you’ll call Indonesia Middle East, since Muslims live there too.

          • Beverly Slapin

            Of course, Tripoli is in Libya, which is in Africa, which Moammar Gaddafi tried to unite, which is why he was deposed and assassinated by the US. (You may remember that, the day before he was assassinated, our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said, “I want him dead or alive, preferably dead.”)

          • Zach

            Of course it’s in the Middle East–it’s North Africa right? From Morocco to Afghanistan. Never mind, you know what? You’re right. Keep hate alive, carry on!

          • John Knowlton

            The Barbary States were also independent of the Ottoman Empire. That’s why the US only went to war with them, instead of the whole of the Empire.

          • spike spiegel

            keep suckin on the zionist pant antler loser troll

          • John Knowlton

            Apparently you did not go to any school if you think Tripoli is in the Middle East. Also, the pirates were exactly that. Pirates. They did not represent the Ottoman Empire, of which they were only nominally a part of.

          • Zach

            mm. just columbia university’s middle eastern languages and cultures. keep hate alive John.

          • John Knowlton

            Map of the Middle East. Notice Libya(Tripoli) is not pictured.


            Keep ignorance alive, Zach.

          • Zach

            If you’re going to use the Lonely Planet guide as your evidence in this disagreement, then, as we lawyers say: res ipsa loquitur. Good night, from the Middle East.

        • spike spiegel

          i should pop over to jpost and ddos the site

      • Disparishun

        Wait, is that actually true? You wrote something about how you disagree with U.S. policy, and a bunch of commenters explained to you that it is because Israel secretly controls U.S. policy — and now you are outting their dastardly secret? No offense, sir, but I suggest to you that you are not always acutely aware of when you are being mocked.

      • Kevin Herbert
        Read this link and you’ll understand why the US Congress is controlled by the Israeli Government

    • Efrem

      “Cut off US aid…” Do you forget about Jewish lobby in US? Why do you think US got involved in Europe during WW2?

      • Zach

        Um, let me guess. Because Winston Churchill was a Zionist agent? The same Churchill who cut off 78% of the original Palestine Mandate promised to the Jews as their national home in the Balfour Declaration and gave it to the Hashemites?

      • Beverly Slapin

        There is no “Jewish lobby” in the US. There is a wealthy, powerful Zionist lobby. Please do not conflate Zionists with Jewish people, which is just what the Zionists want you to do.

        • Chaim Ostrov


          • Beverly Slapin

            Obsessed with the “word” Zionism? No, no, no, Chaim. Explaining the Zionist state to people who may not know what it is and what it represents.

          • Vasco315

            Rich and wealthier Zionists backstabbed Jewish people in Germany. They illegally made deals with Hitler to transfer Wealth and material gains to Palestine, instead of paying to bring fellow Jews to Palestine..

          • Chaim Ostrov

            I’m confused with your meaning of Zionism. My whole life I’ve been only around Jews. Jewish people can be subdivided into hundreds of different groups. You have reform, conservative and orthodox. The orthodox themselves have easily over a hundred groups such as Satmar, which is as anti Zionist as you are, and then there is Lubavitch that’s pro Israel but they would never call themselves Zionist. The whole Chareidy world would not call themselves Zionist but yet most 70-80 percent of them are pro Israel.
            Every group has there own interpretation of what’s pro Israel. There is no one view of Zionism.

  • Babak Morshedizadeh

    This kind of thing happens in many countries in the Middle East. Why pick on Israel? Maybe because the other ones don’t claim to be civil societies w/ democratic rule. Collective punishment is a war crime. These are criminals in IDF (not all of IDF).

    • steve damon

      You know that’s right. It would take one WHALE of an international monitoring and policing authority to comprehensively deal with war crimes occurring in that part of the world right now. Not possible to stop, I guess, which is tragic.

    • You’ve already lost the argument when you use the two-wrongs-make-a-right fallacy. When you find (or catch) yourself saying, “well others do it too…,” stop whatever you are doing, then go on to the next thought which will perhaps serve your goal in a better way.

    • Disparishun

      That’s a good point. The other countries say absolutely terrible things about themselves. Israel says such nice things about itself! Clearly we should hold Israel to a much higher standard than we do the other countries.

      Unless, of course, Israel starts making fun of itself the way all those other countries do. Then it would be okay.

  • Mr.Gee Marino

    The Operation was to find and destroy tunnels? I could have Sworn it was Because Bibi lied and said He was 100% certain that Hamas had killed three Jewish boys… They keep changing their story; but, it’s Too late: if the excuse for the invasion was a Lie, nothing they say, after the fact, can Justify it.

    • Well Bibi also claimed that Iraq had WMDs. He was up there with Bush, Cheney and the other war criminals repeating that lie. He’s experienced. The ‘reason’ for bombing Gaza changed weekly.

      • Bert_1

        No, it didn’t. Israel went in because Hamas launched a whole crap load of rockets at them.

        • Nope. Hamas responded to Israel attacking and murdering and kidnapping its members in the West Bank following the unity deal with Fatah creating a unity government for the State of Palestine. Israel broke its agreement with Hamas and REarrested the ex-prisoners it had released during a previous deal.

          Israel accused Hamas of kidnapping the 3 teenagers even though it knew within hours that they were dead. Netanyahu and his cabinet hushed things up so that they can have time to incite hatred against Hamas and justify another offensive on its population. Israel admitted all of that 2 weeks after it started bombing Gaza.

          The original excuse suddenly indefensible, Netanyahu started saying that Hamas is targeting civilians in Israel (which is true) and that therefore they had to bomb Gaza.

          When Hamas’ rockets proved to be largely pathetic and ineffective, the tunnels came along and became the latest excuse.

          Over 1,800 people were killed in the meantime. The vast majority of them are civilians with around 400 children.

          This is a massacre that is inexcusable and has isolated Israel worldwide like never before. The BDS movement will now become more popular than ever.

          • Bert_1

            I don’t doubt that the BDS movement will become more popular. In spite of the fact that it tends to hurt more Palestinians than Israelis.

            Yes, Israel accused Hamas of kidnapping the 3 teens. They were the most likely culprits and many are still not convinced that they weren’t behind it. It has their disgusting fingerprints all over it.

            Regardless the latest operation by Israel into Gaza didn’t start until the day after Hamas launched a crap load of rockets. You can try to justify Hamas launching their rockets against Israeli civilians if you like but that makes you just as bad as the terrorists.

            Yes, many civilians were tragically killed. And, if Hamas had kept their rockets to themselves, or at the very least not hidden themselves and their munitions among the civilians, none of those deaths would have occurred.

            There is still great support for Israel worldwide because people know that Israel has the right to exist and to defend herself. People also recognize Hamas for what they are: terrorists who just want to kill people. Jews preferably but Palestinians will do in a pinch.

          • Except that they weren’t and Israel admitted it

          • Bert_1

            Right, so what is the problem? Three Israeli boys were kidnapped – later murdered – and the Israelis were trying to find them. Any investigation like that starts with the most likely “persons of interest” and goes from there. Hamas was the most likely organization behind it.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Isdael LIES and said they were 1000% Certain that Hamas did it. The boys were found Nowhere near Gaza and Israel later said that if Hamas had done it, they would have known beforehand. Therefore, they just used the Boys as an Excuse to punish people it Knew were Innocent. Van you say “War Crimes”?

          • Raanana Gamer

            Shock! Horror! Probe! Hamas funded the kidnapping murder of the three young boys.

            Oh no, how can it be?

            And here were all these liberals and progressives, in love with their comic book fantasy, that were sure Hamas – cuddly, humane, peace loving Hamas – would never do such a thing.

            Get real. Sure they would. They led their citizens to death, they were certainly not going to hesitate to kill some Jews.

            So be clear. If you support Hamas, that’s what you are supporting.





          • Mr.Gee Marino

            I do not necessarily support Hamas, but If you Support Israel, you are supporting a Genocide. The Real reason for the Invasion was to make Gaza so Uninhabitable that the Palestinians will accept a different territoty, so that Israel can steal Gaza’s Oil and Gas reserves. The Zionists STOLE that land. That land has never, in the history of Mankind belonged to ANY Caucasians. According to Torah, 2000 years ago, after the Destruction of the temple, God, supposedly, decreed that the Jewish People should never have a Homeland. So, if Israel Really represents Judaism, why the Hell arer they seeking to circumvent God’s Law. That “Religion” angle is just a Bullshit excuse. The people who claim to be Jews today, would not be accepted as such, under Old Hebrew law. They are IMPOSTORS – They are descended from Ashkenazi CONVERTS. They are Not even True Semites… So take your Hasbara BS and run it on somebody else. Why should ANYBODY just “Accept” being treated as untermenschen by a bunch of Sleazy Parasitic Occupiers?

          • Raanana Gamer

            “I do not necessarily support hamas, but If you Support Israel, you are supporting a Genocide.,”


            “The Real reason for the Invasion was to make Gaza so Uninhabitable that the Palestinians will accept a different territoty, so that Israel can steal Gaza’s Oil and Gas reserves.”


            “The Sionists STOLE that land.”


            “That land has never, in the history of Mankind belonged to ANY Caucasians.”

            If there’s a point there, it is remarkably well hidden.

            “According to Torah, 2000 years ago, after the Destruction of the temple, God, supposedly, decreed that the Jewish People should never have a Homeland.”


            “So, if Israel Really represents Judaism, why the Hell arer they seeking to circumvumvent God’s Law.”


            “That “Religion” angle is just a Bullshit excuse. The peopple who claim to be Jews today, would not be accepted as such, under Old hebrew law. They are IMPOSTO RS – They are descended fro Ashkenazi CONVERTS. They are Not even True Semites…”


            “So take your hasbara BS and run it on somebody else.”


            0 out of 6 with 2 queries. Not a good score. Must try harder.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            All you have done is deny what I said without offering any kind of Explanation. You may have well just said “Yes, Gary, there IS a Santa Claus”…

          • Raanana Gamer

            Your rant had no sources, lacked logic, and bordered on the incoherent. If you want to present an argument that gets over those hurdles, with some kind of source material, I’ll gladly respond. (Hint: avoid Pappe, Atzmon, & co. Thought is recommended.)

            “BTW, I AM Jewish.”


            “Judaism and Zionism are Complete and Total Opposites.”

            They may be to you. They are not to me.

            Do me a favor and go light on the Capital Letters. It Is A Pain To Read… (I have assumed, for the purposes of discussion, that it is your intention that people read what you post.)

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            You hav e NO Argument, whatsoever. You just want to Praise Israel, regardless of what they do… If Israel is such a great Democracy, why are they looking to prevent Jews and palestinians from inter-marrying? What business is it, of theirs? They just want to continue to portray their victims in the Most dehumanizing Light Possible. You want Proof? look up the Balfour Document… What Right did britain have to give somebody else’s land away? And, after the destruction of the temple, God said that the Jews should have No Permanent land. if you are arguing with torah, you are NOT a Jew. There is NOTHING inherentlu “Jewish” about the State of israel and there is Definitely nothing “Jewish” in the way you ran people out of their own homes and have abused them for the past 60 years. That is Totally aginst Torah. So, keep telling your lies and I will keep spreading the TRUTH.

          • Raanana Gamer

            I think you are projecting when you say: “You hav e NO Argument, whatsoever.”

            We do not have a perfect democracy. (Do you?) We’re a work in progress. Bear with us. Be patient. I’m sure we can rely on you to do that, at least.

            We are going to have to disagree about the right of Israel to exist. At least you don’t pretend otherwise. But if I were you, I would check the credentials of whoever is your rabbi. They seem to be misleading you. You are all over the place.

            (Unless you are self taught. That might explain some aspects.)

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Just as Bibi has been claiming for over twenty years,m that “iran will have a Nuke within 3 – 5 year” nand that they claimed that iran wants to “Wipe Israel off of the map”… That was a Deliberate MIS translation. Wiping things off the Map” is an Americanism. What iran actually said was that in the Long Glorious history of the Middle East, Israel is just a mote of dust and will disappear from the pages of time”. Iran has Not attacked another country in over three hundred years. it is Israel and the US who are the War-Mongers. Because the REAL fact is that the True Aim of Zionism, is to wipe all of those people off the map and steal ALL of that land and resources for Yourselves. Israel is a Criminal State. Israel has a Long History of falsely accusing others of it’s Own Filthy aims. It is the Cowardly IDF who uses children as Human shields. You arrest children and lock them in cages… They don’t have to teach their kids to hate Jews. The IDF does it. NOBODY has ANY Right to treat anybody else as Untermenschen.

          • Raanana Gamer

            “Just as Bibi has been claiming for over twenty years,m that “iran will have a Nuke within 3 – 5 year” nand …”

            Unfortunately, Bibi is only human. Sometimes he and his advisers makes mistakes. They get things wrong. It *has* taken Iran much longer than Bibi – and most Western analysts – expected it to take for them to get their nuclear weapon. I suspect the length of time may be related to ancillary action taken by Israel and the USA. But the central point is he said they were trying to acquire a nuclear weapon, and they are. I’m not sure what earth shattering conclusion you think the flawed analysis proves.

            “that they claimed that iran wants to “Wipe Israel off of the map”… That was a Deliberate MIS translation. Wiping things off the Map” is an Americanism. What iran actually said was that in the Long Glorious history of the Middle East, Israel is just a mote of dust and will disappear from the pages of time”. Iran has Not attacked another country in over three hundred years. it is Israel and the US who are the War-Mongers.”

            I don’t know if you speak Farsi or Arabic, but that phrase – wiping Israel off the map – has been in more than one Iranian document over time. And translated as such both from and into Arabic press.

            To take one example, on Saturday 24 November 2012, the official Iranian Mehrnews Arabic site announced:

            “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that resolving the Palestinian issue does not need war, but requires a unified Islamic decision to remove the Zionist entity off the map.”

            Incidentally, that was the official translation from Iran. It was copied by many Arabic newspapers.

            “Because the REAL fact is that the True Aim of Zionism, is to wipe all of those people off the map and steal ALL of that land and resources for Yourselves.”

            You do realize there’s a logical disconnect between what you say and the facts? Israel moved out of Gaza. Hardly a sensible thing to do if it wanted to ‘steal’ the land.

            Steal the resources? Bloody hell, it’s defamation upon defamation. I assume your rant is about Gaza’s alleged gas resources.

            Look at the facts.

            The Gaza gas is a long way away from commercial availability. While anti-Israel sources claim that the Gaza fields hold 1.4 trillion cubic feet of gas, funnily enough they do not say what Israel has.

            But first, some arithmetic.

            >The value of Gaza’s gas is estimated at $4 billion.

            >Protective Edge cost the Israeli economy almost the same amount – about $3.6 billion. I wonder what Pillar of Defense and Cast Lead cost?

            It scarcely makes economic sense to spend more than the alleged spoils of victory.

            And then there is the aspect of Israel’s existing resources:

            Leviathan and Tamar are in Israeli territorial waters. The Tamar field is pumping gas today.

            Tamar has proven reserves of 7.9 trillion cubic feet. It probably has at least 3 trillion cubic feet more.

            Leviathan is estimated as having 16 trillion cubic feet.

            Sarah and Myra are unknowns. There’s a roughly 50% chance of them having 6.5 trillion cubic feet.

            The Gaza gas field is tiny compared to existing Israeli fields.

            The Gaza gas field is within range of terrorist rockets.

            Why would Israel wage a war under those circumstances? It doesn’t make sense.

            Let me rephrase that. It doesn’t make sense unless you are a bigot who subscribes to the stereotype of the greedy Jew.

            That’s enough for you to digest in one post.

          • Raanana Gamer

            “Israel is a Criminal State. Israel has a Long History of falsely accusing others of it’s Own Filthy aims.”

            Your accusation is about as accurate as your use of the apostrophe.

            “It is the Cowardly IDF who uses children as Human shields.”

            That has been done and shouldn’t have. You get bad soldiers in any army. Israel is not perfect. The IDF is not perfect. But the defamation of the whole of the IDF is outlandish nonsense.

            “You arrest children and lock them in cages…”

            No. Come on, dude, you’re back to bad old habits with that one.

            “They don’t have to teach their kids to hate Jews.”

            But they do.

            “The IDF does it.”

            We have enemies. I think that’s agreed.

            “NOBODY has ANY Right to treat anybody else as Untermenschen.”

            Straw man. I never said that. I don’t believe that.

            (You didn’t take my advice about the Capital Letters, did you?)

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Proof that the CIA and Mossad are behind the creation of ISIS and Al Qaeda: You keep trying to scare Gullible Americans with images of Muslim Bogeymen, so you can scare them into supporting your filthy Zionist Hoals. Judaism is Thousands of years old. Zionism, only about 100. Zionism has Nothing to do with Judaism. It is a religion of greed and genocide.


          • Raanana Gamer

            That link is bizarre. What is it about? Did you make a mistake?

            Looking at this rant, maybe it’s not fair to suggest you are David Duke in disguise. I don’t think even he lost the plot so much.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            My rant had No Sources? Every premise is Easily verifiable through Public record and Torah. Your “No’s” do not have any such credence. if i was Wrong, you’s be able to offer conflicting info… All you have to offer is your lame-ass “NO”s… And you act as though I am suppposed to accept that your saying “NO” means that I am Wrong. HAhaHAHAHA!!! Damn, you Israelis are some Arrogant pieces of Crap, aren’t you? If iasrael is a Democracy, why won’t they allow Jews and Muslims to Intermarry? Prior to WWI, the Muslim Countries were the only places Jews could go without having to worry about being Pogrommed. You turned around and stabbed your Saviors in the back. There were No Jewish Muslim Hostilities, before the creation of your Criminal Apartheid State.

          • Raanana Gamer

            “You turned around and stabbed your Saviors in the back.”

            Make up your mind. Are you antisemtic or anti-Zionist?

            “There were No Jewish Muslim Hostilities, before the creation of your Criminal Apartheid State.”

            That will come as news – if not a shock – to many people. It’s fairly standard bollocks from Israel haters. But the hate against the Jews of Muslim regimes is well documented. I suggest you read Tom Holland’s Shadow of the Sword and Andrew Bostom’s The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Wan’t Begin’s Bombing of the King David Hotel and “Act of terrorism”? Of Course Not… Becasue, accordint to The filthy Doctrine of Zionism. Everything is Good, if a Jew does it…. WRONG.

          • Raanana Gamer

            You’re not a pacifist. I can tell…

            For the peanut gallery observers, let it be said that the bombing of the KDH was a terrorist act and absolutely was wrong. But Mr Gee Mario is – like his attitude towards a certain little country whose first initial is “I” – acting as prosecutor, judge, and jury. So we should not be surprised about the verdict.

            But you really, really, really want to turn down the hate and the bile. You are losing touch with reality. (Hold on a minute…)

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            PS – All of your responses just prove that you are an Inhuman, Racist Apartheid Cunt.

          • Raanana Gamer

            My favorite comment from Mr.Gee Marino.

            I guess I see things differently. I see them clearly. Clearly, you are a nutjob.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            All this “No”, “No”, “No”… Bulshit doesn’t mean a damn thing. Your denial disproves nothing of what I said. You stupidly believe that I am supposed to accept your Denial as proof that what I am saying is Wrong. The decision to give that Land to displaced European Jews was made in 1917, under Lord Balfour of Britain. That land d Never belonged to Britain; so, who the hell is Britain to give away somebody else’s land? That’;s the same thing that those Imperialistic Limey dogs did to India, Ireland and a lot of other places. It does NOT make it Right.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Living PROOF that Israel is a racist, Apartheid State: And they always try to promote themselves asa some kind of “Democracy”. If Israel is a Democracy, so was Hitler’s Germany.


          • Raanana Gamer

            You are David Duke in disguise. Am I right? Do I get my prize?

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            What Racist Pieces of Shit…


          • Beverly Slapin

            No, Hamas was not “the most likely organization behind it.” Hamas said they didn’t do it and it would have been a politically stupid thing to do and, no matter what you may think of Hamas, they’re not stupid.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            The problem is that you Israel arrests children as young as 11 and holds them in cages for months or years, and then turns around and claims that “Palestinians teach their children to hate Israelis”… They don’t have to – The IDF does it. How would you like to live under the conditions that Israel is forcing them to Endure? If it was Me, I’d be giving those evil scum Hell, too…

          • I just told you that Israel KNEW it wasn’t Hamas. The Israeli police admitted that if Hamas was involved, they would’ve known in advance. Netanyahu used the 2 weeks “search” sham to further incite anti-Hamas hatred, which let’s face it is mainly composed of racist far right Israelis, to seek popular support for bombing Gaza. And it worked despite many of us trying our best on the Internet to demand evidence.

            It was a criminal, murderous sham and you fell for it.

            Just when you think Netanyahu and his gang of thugs can’t get any lower, they use three Israeli teenagers’ deaths for their own political goal.

            The Israeli left (the real one) has to take control over the government because the far right is creeping in and gaining more control than is tolerable in any so-called civilized society.

          • Beverly Slapin

            Bert, your arguments come straight out of the Hasbara playbook. Try reading this:

          • Mary Hughes Thompson

            God bless Palestine Resistance.

          • Bert_1

            I agree wholeheartedly. The satanist Hamas, on the other hand…

          • Mary Hughes Thompson

            The Satan is Satanyahu. There are no terrorists in Gaza. Just civilians, some of whom are brave freedom fighters and some of whom voted for Hamas.

          • Bert_1

            Freedom fighters have integrity. They do not, under any circumstances purposely target civilians. Only terrorists like Hamas target civilians.

          • spike spiegel

            amen to that mary

          • sleepytigress

            yes Isreal has a right to defend itself and the ONLY way to do that is to stop leading the aggression through their terrorist tactic. but also, and more importantly Palestine has the right to defend itself against constant
            collective incursions and crimes against humanity against its population

            YES the BDS movement has increased exponentially as more and more people have witness the horrific truth and lies spouted and rehashed by Zionist Nazi’s’s.

            And the lie of Palestinians using their children and human shields is another lie where again irrefutable proof is that the IDF persist in using Palestinian children as human shields ,in spite of their huge array of weaponry used to bombard Palestine, well that is the receding areas that they have not stolen. Israel is built upon the blood of millions of Palestinians, this is why they do not want peace,it would ruin their long term goal murder all Palestinian and steal there entire country !

          • sleepytigress

            IF you want to KNOW the TRUTH ASK ME, I have spent a decade researching this horriffic situation and a large percent of my sources come from EWS AND ISRAELIS

          • Zach

            Nope. Hamas started the war in order to put pressure on Egypt to open up their border with Gaza. Had nothing to do with Israel.

          • Beverly Slapin

            Get real, Zach. “Hamas started the war”? The war was started way before Hamas came into existence. Read some history.

          • Zach

            Sure in the big picture if you’re talking Arab-Israeli conflict. But you pitch me these softballs and I really must respond: Hamas is simply the Pal version of the Brotherhood and they’ve been around in Cairo since the 1930’s and before that we’re talking Wahabbism. This is essentially a religious conflict. And Beverly Slapin eventually, inshallah, they will be coming to a neighborhood near you but don’t listen to me, I’m just a Zionist mouthpiece. Try asking your local Imam, ok? You who live in the Dar-El-Harb (look it up) will soon be in the Dar-El-Islam, inshallah. Welcome to the Caliphate and Sharia law. But keep up the hate, I suppose it has some short-term therapeutic value for you.

          • Beverly Slapin

            Oh, Zach, Zach, Zach, scratch a Hasbarist and he will bleed Islamophobia. That’s what all your many words, words, words, come to and you know it. Out of arguments? Go straight to Islamophobia.

          • Zach

            ooh Beverly, nice comeback! But of course you being quite the hasbarist yourself (Lenin actually had a more useful term for your particular strain), I know I’ll never convince you of my positions as assuredly as I could never convince you that the Earth is round. I’m aiming for the more open-minded who actually read our pleasant diversionary quips. As it’s now five a.m. here in Occupied Palestine (Haifa) I shall retreat into sleep as the Muzein calls the faithful to the Fajr prayer
            You night be interested to know that duribg my 1:40 journey from Occupied Jerusalem to Occupied Haifa I traveled some 80 kms on Hiway 6 where i passed two batallions worth of Occupying forces tanks leaving the south (of occupied Palestine). It would seem this particular chapter of Zionist war crimes are over.

        • spike spiegel

          why is that cuz some hook nosed kikes from eastern europe stole their land and are tyring to ethnically cleanse them into extinction resistance is not terrorisim dumbass VIVA PALESTINA

    • Bert_1

      Wow. Someone who has a terrorist’s face as their avatar is questioning someone else’s integrity?

  • Nanson Hwa

    The Israeli sniper who did this, is not a soldier but a murderer. He dishonors what it means to be a soldier when he kills an unarmed civilian who was merely trying to locate his loved ones in the rubble of destroyed buildings.

  • Disparishun

    What the hell. You mean a guy in the military obtained information from other people in the military, published it to the public, and now he is in trouble for that? What kind of country is this where someone can arrested for going public with military secrets? That is craziness.

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