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Honduras Generates Employment with Community Activities

Written by Gabriela Garcia Calderon OrbeTranslated by Gabriela García Calderón On 30 July 2014 @ 0:01 am | No Comments

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Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandes launched the program [1] “Desarrollemos Honduras” (Let's Develop Honduras) alongside civil servants and community members. Hernandes explained that if a house has a damaged or a dirt floor, it should be replaced with a cement floor; or prioritize according to the family needs, and:

Cambiar los fogones tradicionales por los ecofogones. Yo sé que en muchos lugares, tal vez no sea el caso de las casas aquí, es triste preguntarle a la gente cuánto paga por la leña y la gente no sabe, hay que explicarle (…) A veces a la gente se sale más cara la leña que la comida.

Replacing traditional stoves for ecologic stoves. I am aware that in many places, maybe not here, it's sad to ask people how much do they pay for firewood and they don't know, we have to explain them (…). Sometimes, people pay more for firewood than for food.

Twitter users posted pictures and their opinions:

LET'S DEVELOP HONDURAS started today at El Reparto community. Painting my neighborhood program will create 150 positions for young people from the community.

This is definitely worthwhile, let's all collaborate so it all might look better. Let's Develop Honduras.

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