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Video: ISIS Destroys Prophet Jonah's Mosque in Mosul, Iraq

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which took over Iraq's second largest city of Mosul and other territory in western Iraq last month, continues to destroy ancient religious shrines and Shia mosques.

On Twitter, Iraqi Hayder al-Khoei, a Chatham House associate fellow based in London, UK, just tweeted a video showing the destruction of Prophet Jonah's mosque [1] in Mosul:

The video [5], which is being shared on social media, has been uploaded on YouTube by Murtada Al-Yusuf.

The organisation of Sunni extremists considers the veneration of saints apostasy and Shia Muslims as heretics.

The Daily Mail recently published this report [6], with photographs and videos sourced from social media, on the destruction of at least 10 ancient shrines and Shia mosques in territories under ISIS control.