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Twitter Users Call the NY Times Out On Shifting Coverage of Israeli Bombing On Gazan Children

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The New York Times recently came under a wave of criticism for its coverage of Israel's bombardment and killing of four Gazan children playing football at the beach.

The trusted American newspaper changed its headline from “4 Young Boys Killed Playing on Gaza Beach” to “Boys Drawn to Gaza Beach & Into Center of Mideast Strife” which was perceived by some as being misleading. The headline, as can be seen on NewsDiffs [1], changed between 8:35pm and 9:13pm on July 16.

In response, the pan-African website ‘Africa Is A Country [2]asked its followers [3] to parody the title change on Twitter using the hashtag #NYThistory [4]:

Screenshot of the status shared by 'Africa Is A Country'

Screenshot of the status shared by ‘Africa Is A Country’

Here are some examples of the ongoing hashtag campaign:

At the time of writing, Israel's “Operation Defensive Edge” has entered its 13th day and has already claimed the lives [12] of more than 280 Palestinians among them children and women, and one Israeli.