The 5 Most Insensitive Reactions to the MH17 Crash in Ukraine

So much for "knowing that feel," when it comes to polemics surrounding the downed Malaysian airliner. Images mixed by Kevin Rothrock.

So much for “knowing that feel,” when it comes to polemics surrounding the downed Malaysian airliner. Images mixed by Kevin Rothrock.

Russian officials, politicians, and media personalities were quick to react to the crash of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which went down over Eastern Ukraine on Thursday, July 17. Authorities in Kyiv, Moscow, and Donetsk have all traded accusations, blaming each other for shooting down the civilian aircraft and killing the nearly 300 people aboard. With emotions running high, a handful of particularly calloused statements by figures in Moscow and Donetsk have attracted the Russian Internet's attention. 

1. In that case, we didn't do it.

The self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, Aleksandr Boroday, was curiously unsure about rebel involvement in the incident:

Unfortunately, this is the quote of the day. [Caption reads, “If it is really a commercial airliner, then it wasn't us,” Alexandr Boroday.]

2. Does it matter who did it?

Leonid Kalashnikov, deputy representative to the Russian parliamentary committee on international affairs, told TV Rain it didn't really matter who was to blame for the downing of the aircraft:

“Вам что, легче станет, если узнаете, кто сбил самолет?”

“What, will it make you feel better if you find out who shot down the plane?”

3. The sinister fifth column.

Bothered that Russian liberals and Ukrainian “propagandists” echoed many of the same sentiments (i.e., they criticized Russian policy in Ukraine), Konstantin Rykov of Russia's ruling political party had this to say:

In these moments it's very clear who is hoping for what and what they really want.. our liberals and Ukrainian propagandists striving for the same..

4. It's simple: blame nobody.

Russia Today's chief Margarita Simonyan chalked up the tragedy to good ole Soviet absent-mindedness:

I've been working at the very heart of various breaking news for so long, that I absolutely do not believe in conspiracy theories. But I do believe in simple Soviet chaos. 

5. Rebels? What rebels?

Last but not least is the reaction of Vladimir Putin himself, who told ITAR-TASS that Kyiv is accountable for the skies over Ukraine's rebel-controlled east.

“Безусловно, государство, над территорией которого это произошло, несет ответственность за эту страшную трагедию. […] Этой трагедии не произошло бы, если бы на этой земле был мир, не были бы возобновлены боевые действия на юго-востоке Украины”

“Certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility for this terrible tragedy. […] This tragedy would not have occurred if there were peace in this land, if the fighting had not renewed in the South-East of Ukraine.”


  • Edohiguma

    Sensitivity? Really? Yes, that’s a very important area to cover. Not.

  • Joanna Nurmis

    My favorite is number five – which retroactively implies that Putin accepts full responsibility for the tragic crash of the Tupolew plane over Smolensk, which carried 96 of Poland’s government officials and military elite to their untimely deaths. ‘Twas about time…

  • Notyourbusiness

    This is just bullshit, some fucking propaganda as usual, show the entire statements instead of trying to blame people by manipulating the public opinion… Seriously, what you’re doing is just shit, not even proper journalism, just as almost all the other western medias…


  • Anglo-Benderovitz

    Yeah that’s like if I said that if Putin had died two years ago this never would have happened.

  • beeach

    Here a message from me (NL.). we think Putin did this indirectly thrue seperatists. it is not an aimed attack on Ukraine it is not an accident. these russian people who cause so much hurt to everyone on the world, by misbehaviour all over the world (look at your vacations) and interfeering in collissions on world mathers that arent theirs by givving arms to unknown dump uneducated people) look at Ukraine flight disaster caused by (Sepperatists) Fuck me what a dipshit people go search something sensefull instead of stealing country by your example Putin. shortseeing pieces of shit. you people are a laughter to the world.( and they will eat you one day) horracing of different groups of people and worsed it is they steel openly land from other countrys (Ukraine, Tjetsnia, in past Poland(check it out WW2). not to mention the deja vu feelings i get now in case of the smolensk drama with Polish government officials. they never received back the stolen black box from their tupolev plane from russian government. so where is Russia’s so shown fake dignity by then.they act all they are brutal landsteeling criminals with mister ceintaur putin on the steering wheel. because noone of Russian people who have always big mouth and misbehaviour in other countrys dare to open their mouth in own country to stand up against this dictator Putin. I hope Putin will get the same as all dictators dieing from their own greed. Russia ask for a beating big big big time.. so people ihope the world will do it hand in hand together all people who are oppressed by this cocksu…. of a Putin and his lowsy country who does nothing good to own people and to the rest of the world, doesnt add annything in the scale in mather of siffistication and peace to the rest of the world, or who wish peace and rest for once and for all. and no bully like Putin trying to pull always the strings directly or indirectly. this danger to the world needs to be stopped. What we (flight MH17 passengers) did to Putin?????

    I Hope the allying countrys in the world will set things straith with Russia and above all with this Putin character. he causes more harm then goodness. to wellwilling peacefull citizens of the world.
    Let the world become peacefull again for everyone…………………

    • Yeah, the US, Germany etc, are not selling their weapons to dumb, uneducated governments. Because we, the western world sell only to the good guys, and not for money. And we don’t dump our waste on Africa, and produce our clothing with slaves from Asia, that’s all Russia, and China, and Iran/Irak/Afghanistan/Turkey/Palestina these are the bad guys right? Not only their government, but every civilian? *irony end* …. man, this is so sad to read.

  • beeach

    when we would be as big as america we would act
    we have a saying here in the east of holland with no offense to the rest of the world………
    when we would be as big as america we would take over the world (wisely ofcourse)
    we miss strenght in this mather we are to small but we wish the world the best and peace….
    love you world missing peace…………………………………………………………………? as far we remember…

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