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Palestinians are Friends with Journalists

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Image [1] by Omar Chatriwala [2] on flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) [3].

Marcelino Torrecilla N. [4] has started a series in Spanish called Stories from Gaza. The first installment by this United Arabe Emirates based Colombian was published on El Tiempo [5] of Bogotá and tells a story of two Gulf News [6] journalists in Abu Dhabi.

Taking pictures in the Gulf is challenging and even when trying to take pictures of women. But Palestinians are used to be photographed. The media are friends of the Palestinians and they know that. as Torrecilla translates:

In Gaza it is very different. With one of the highest concentrations of media in the world, the people of Gaza are used to being photographed. Not only this, but they welcome the eyes of the world. The Palestinians don't have an army to fight with. They have the rocks they throw at Israeli soldiers and they have their tears.

For more stories about the Gaza Strip in Spanish told by an eye witness, follow Marcelino Torrecilla's updates on Twitter [7].

This post was part of the elventh #LunesDeBlogsGV [8] (Monday of blogs on GV) on July 14, 2014.