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The Maya Nut, a Nature Giant

Categories: Latin America, Guatemala, Mexico, Citizen Media, Health, Ideas

In the Guatemalan department of Petén [1], a group of local women market natural products prepared with Maya nut [2], well known as natural medicine. The president of the producer association, Benedicta Galicia Ramírez, notes they [3] “pick up the seed and then dry it, toast and grind it to make fluor”, and that the Maya nut enhances children growth, with food values higher than maize, beans, cassava and plantain.

This species grows in many American countries, from Mexico to Peru, and is very appreciated for its medicinal and nutritious attributes:

Video: Here we introduce the project “Selva Viva”, by a group of women who produce food items from the Maya nut tree.

Here, the consumption of the Maya nut seed gets promoted.