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App Created by Global Voices Contributor Selected to be Developed Online

Categories: Latin America, Western Europe, Italy, Paraguay, Citizen Media, Ideas, Technology

Lawyer, blogger [1], digital activist, dreamer and Global Voices Paraguayan Global Voices contributor Gabriela Galilea [2], was selected by Techpeaks program from European organization Trento Rise, a startup promoter, to develope [3] her online game platform Mr. Patch:

[un] videojuego para tabletas, smartphones, televisores inteligentes y web (PC), que ejercita los músculos de los ojos encargados de realizar los movimientos. El objetivo es ayudar a las personas que tienen deficiencias en la visión.

(a) videogame for tablets, smartphones, smart TV and web (PC), that exercises the eye muscles in charge of the movements. The gola is to help people with impaired eyesight.

Gabriela has been receiving support on Twitter:

Did you know a Paraguayan lady has created a videogame that helps people with eyesight problems?

Gabriela Galilea represents Paraguay in Italy with her videogame for ophtalmology health.

The Demo Day will be held on July 18 in Trento, Italy, where Gabriela will present her app.