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Third Festival in Santa Catarina, Tláhuac, Mexico

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More and more people are sharing their content on Medium [1], and Ximena Arrieta, consultant in Strategic Communications, is using her content as an additional medium [2] and coverage for the connection between communication, citizen participation and technology, as does the “Movement for the Earth” in Santa Catarina Yecahuízotl [3], that with its “Festival for the Sierra”, held on July 12, aimed to promote and build connections of coexistence and social cohesion within its community:

El objetivo del Festival es construir un espacio de colaboración, expresión y sobre todo, reflexión de las problemáticas que afectan a la Sierra de Santa Catarina, espacio natural y reserva ecológica del Distrito Federal, constantemente amenazada por proyectos mineros, inmobiliarios, contaminación y sobreexplotación.

Está dirigido a la población infantil y joven de la comunidad, sin embargo, también es un mensaje concientizado para el público adulto.

The aim of the Festival is to build a space for collaboration, expression and, above all, reflection on the issues that affect Santa Catarina highlands, a natural space and ecologic reserve of Mexico City, constantly threatened by mining, real estate projects, pollution and overexploitation.

This is meant for the children and youth of the comuunity, but it's also an awareness message for the adult audience.

You can read Arrieta on her blog in Spanish on Tumblr, Punto Crucial [4] or by following her account on Twitter: @borjaxime [5]

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