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Indians Say Goodbye To Orkut, Reluctantly

Written by Rezwan On 12 July 2014 @ 15:57 pm | 1 Comment

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Indian users are reacting to the impending demise [1] of Google's Orkut social networking platform. Orkut is the oldest citizen media site Indians used and around 20% of Orkut’s users [2] today are from India.

Vinaya Naidu [3] at Lighthouse Insights compiles some of the users’ comments on the end of Orkut:

Priya Mittal was able to find her first childhood classmate via Orkut, which “felt like a miracle then.”

Avid biker Vishal Kataria: “It took me a while to leave Orkut and switch to Facebook because I got attached to it. Somehow, that feeling has never occurred for Facebook.”

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