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Theater of War: Photo Captures Israelis ‘Watching’ Gaza Being Bombed

Danish journalist Allan Sørensen ‏posted this image on Twitter, which shows residents watching and celebrating Gaza being bombed. Sørensen has confirmed he took the picture on Wednesday night (July 9) at a hilltop in the frontline Israeli city Sderot. 

Sørensen is the Middle East correspondent with the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad. 

Some western media outlets like the Telegraph, have said Sderot is being battered by missiles and rockets from Gaza. The article “Israel's front line town of Sderot battered by missiles” published by the Telegraph on June 9, around the time Sørensen took this picture, says: “Residents of the ‘city of rockets’ just a mile from Gaza describe the fear of living under bombardment by missiles.”

Sderot has a population of 24,000 people and covers a five-square-kilometer area. 

Earlier this week Israel launched the massive “Operation Defensive Edge” against Gaza, which has killed over 80 Palestinians so far, many of them women and children. From Gaza, Hamas, which has ruled the strip since 2007, has fired missiles into Israel. As of July 11, Israeli officials reported that no Israelis had been killed as a result. Most of the rockets coming into Israel have caused no serious damage, due in part to the US-funded Iron Dome aerial defense system, which has intercepted at least 70 projectiles so far, according to the Guardian.

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  • Tim Wise

    Jews need to be exterminated once and for all!

  • FadedYouthBlog

    Israelis citizens have sadly lost their sense of morals. Their government has been able to infiltrate their minds.

    • Eran

      No. I`m sorry but you can`t say that. I`m not sure where is your country but you can not blame citizens for the auction of their government. There are plenty of people in Israel that are against any kind of violent.

      • surgeon1

        I thought Israel was a democracy: ie the citizens elected the government

        • Eran

          well, it does but do you agree with everything going on in your country? come on dude! even on the best democracies in the world bad thing done by the governments.

      • Davey Wavey

        Not enough. Or not loud enough. Too bad.

        • Eran

          well it is sure easy for you to say

        • V S

          It’s all about the Jews huh? See Eran it isn’t really about whether you disagree or not, you’re an Israeli so they want you to suffer.

      • 1day1tweet

        That’s true. The problem is Netanyahu’s government not citizen, even if israeli are a little bit arrogant… But it’s not the subject. I am still trying to understand why people continue to shell over schools or wherever there are kids…
        Why they don’t go Afghanistan or Iraq… there is more space to fight…

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  • Grim_Chickn

    now we treat war like a 4th of july fireworks show..

    i don’t profess to know much about israel/palestine.. but this makes me think these people enjoy the deaths of innocent kids/civilians..


  • Climbcat

    Palestine (Hamas) started lobbing rockets at Israel long before they fired back. Now Hamas is using civilians as human shields. If someone was attacking my country I’d be pleased when our return fire hit the target. This does not mean I like war, but human nature is to protect your own and celebrate the success hoping it will end the attacks.

    • Drina S.Salleh

      Hmm, I wonder why Palestine is doing this. Oh yea, because they are being oppressed! Guess what? Someone is attacking their country. Israel is not returning fire – they are the invaders. It’s Palestine that is being taken over, occupied by the zionists to form their home known as Israel. Wouldn’t you resist and fight back? It’s not, “hey, let’s live side by side in peace, neighbout”. It’s more like “move out biatches, this be our land now”. How would you like it if a stranger entered your house and decided to call it his/her own? You would defend your home, your territory. Think about it. Israel is robbing the Palestinians of so many of their rights. Stealing land and all that. Stealing – this is what criminals do and that’s not all, Israel is a WAR CRIMINAL, make no mistake about it. Please get your facts right. Thanks. #FREETHEPALESTIANS #FREEDOMFORPALESTINE

    • fretoville

      I don’t think you understand the history of Zionism. Israel has provoked the Palestinians time and again. Many (not all) Israelis believe themselves to be superior to just about everyone and ARE morally bankrupt. I lived there for 2 years. I saw for myself how they treat the Palestinians. Can you imagine France saying only the French can live there! It beggars belief.

      • Davey Wavey

        It is not “Israelis”. Even the State of Israel does not recognize any nationality as “Israeli.” It is Jews. Therefore “Many (not all) Jews believe themselves to be superior to just about everyone and ARE morally bankrupt.”

        It is important that the Jewishness of Israel be clear when that state is doling out death to other people. These are Jews slaughtering gentiles because they are NOT Jewish and because they lived or live on land coveted by the Jews. Pretty simple.

        The US will certainly rue the day it decided to arm Israel. Regular Americans like me already know that Israel is bs, and soon our representatives will have no choice but to act on this knowledge if they want to get elected.

    • Hitler Jr

      I guess that is why Hitler killed the Jew their brain are equal to a size of a nut. You’re talking about being a human? Israel stole their land and kill civilian is that being a human?

      You quote “I’d be pleased when our return fire hit the target”
      and than you Quote “This does not mean i like war” Israelis and their logic.

      • dianegordon

        actually much bigger brains that guys like you! Be honest.

        • Hitler

          That is why I kill Jews, They think they have bigger brains but they don’t because if they do have bigger brains how can I Kill 11 Million Jews during the Holocaust?

          See you Sir have a brain of a nut.

          PS I don’t support Palestinian or Israelis.

      • Climbcat

        I’m not Jewish, I’m of German descent. My grandparents immigrated to America to get away from Hitler.

    • Davey Wavey

      “Human shields” huh? The only documented case of this is the IDF using Palestinians on the front of their armored vehicles. Just another Zionist lie, another racist lie that these other people would do this but not the good Israelis! It’s just bigoted lies.

  • V S

    Everyone is mad because Hamas failed to kill Israeli civilians, and now they will pay for their feeble attempt. I love this picture.

    • Vic Pittman

      Sick bastard. I hope someday you have to look for your child’s body under rubble.

      • Santos2

        What a sick mutherfocker you are. Effing, disgusting strunz.

        • rightster

          Guest epitomizes the typical Israeli regime lover, full of hate and obscenity.

          • V S

            Just as Vic epitomizes the Palestinians, completely focused on the death of children. A cowardly, stunted human culture.

      • That is why I kill the Jews. 11 million Jews were killed during the
        Holocaust, I did my best. I let some Jewish live so that the world could
        see why I Kill them.

        I’m only killing the “Real Terrorist” I’m Innocent

        PS I don’t support Palestinian or Israelis.

      • Yoav

        There are the ones to burry their own children. Never forget that. They just want you think it’s Israel so they could manipulate your SICK mind.

        You tend to use the word sick too many times. Have you considered seeing a doctor ?

        • V S

          Lots of sick folks here, check out Vic’s upvotes. They don’t want peace they just want the Palestinians to win and a bunch of Jews to die. Never met a peaceful pro-Palestinian.

      • V S

        You bitter Vic? I don’t have kids but thanks for the well wishes. I extend mine to Israel, someone has to win eventually and I look forward to the day when Palestinians are pushed into Egypt and Jordan.

    • fretoville

      It is not a fair fight. There are alot of bagel munching big nosed yanky jews pumping money into Israel’s war machine. The jews have as much right to be in “Palestine” as I have to be in the Queen’s bedroom.

      • Davey Wavey

        Actually , far less “right” so go on have a good time.

    • Hitler Jr

      Israel are mad because 11 million Jew were killed during the Holocaust. I love that moment.

      I couldn’t imagine a Jew being a pet to a German lol

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