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#NoBakchich, a Cameroonian App to Fight Administrative Corruption

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Paul Biya, president of Cameroon - Public Domain [1]

Paul Biya, president of Cameroon – Public Domain

Corruption is a well-documented issue in Cameroon [2]. For decades, political scandals have infamously stained the public administration due to multiple embezzlement charges, which in turn led to the creation of a special task force to fight corruption named  “Operation Epervier [3]“.

The outcome of the task force has been mixed so far. Therefore, Cameroonian citizens have taken it upon themselves to report and combat corruption more effectively. A group of IT programmers created an app called NoBakchich [4] that crowdsources all the information related to administrative procedures so that citizens have a clear picture of how to get paperwork done and how much it should cost. The app also allows citizens to report any bribes that they have had to face [5]:

Ainsi, chacune d'elles est gratifiée d’une notation, baptisée «compteur de tchoko»,informant les autres usagers des bonnes ou mauvaises pratiques.  

Each administrative procedure will be given a notation, called “Tchoko (bribe in local language) counter” informing other users of public services involved in bad practices.

Le Griot reports that $600 million US dollars are lost annually [6] because of corruption, one-third of which is from illegal logging of the national forests.